Monday, October 17, 2011

Mellow Mushroom Pizza (Vegan MoFo Day 17)

This is not your average American pizzeria. This place is rocking! It's eclectic atmosphere and psychedelic interior will transport you right into the Alice in Wonderland movie, except instead of Mad Hatter you will be waited on by friendly waitstaff.
I love how unique and funky this place is! And their pizza is AMAZING! This is not a place where vegans have to settle for boring, cheese-less tomato sauce and a few sad veggies kind of pizza (unless that is your thing). They have VEGAN cheese! Yes, ooey gooey Daiya cheese that melts perfectly on top of any pizza.
Mellow Mushroom (Midtown) offers some unusual vegan pizza toppings that I haven't seen in other pizzerias before. Some of these toppings are sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, artichoke hearts, several different flavored kinds of tofu and tempeh. I love building my own pizza with different toppings. By the way, the crust is always very good, too.

If pizza is not your thing, you can always dive in their hummus that is served with freshly toasted pita and garnished with paprika, basil and olive oil. Or you can try their avocado & sprouts hoagie, just leave out the mayo and cheese and you got yourself a vegan sandwich.

We come here on Mondays for trivia night with our friends. Luckily, our friends Lindsay, Spencer and Andy are also vegans. Some of our friends are omnivores but we blend in nicely.

The menu :-)

Look at all the different tofu and tempeh options :-)

Psychedelic interior

Beautiful and funky art

BBQ tofu pizza with vegan cheese

Teriyaki tofu, avocado and vegan cheese pizza

Mushrooms, spinach and vegan cheese pizza

Avocado and tofu hoagie

Pineapple, green bell pepper and vegan cheese pizza


  1. I was at a Mellow Mushroom while in Atlanta recently. I thought the pizza was just OK but the vibe in the place was well worth the visit!

  2. I had no idea that they have hummus! Crazy! I go for the pizza, for sure. We probably get take-out (with a coupon from one of the local flyers, $4 off a large) once or twice a month. I just like Daiya, extra tomato sauce, and mushrooms. MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

  3. "If pizza isn't your thing"...blasphemy!!! With so many awesome options, how could it not be? I've been meaning to try the MM here in Orlando but always default to Ethos for pizza - next time I have the craving I'll try to remember to try their options.

  4. I am obsessed with mellow mushrooms recently - we head there after run club every few weeks and I feel so relieved. It's amazing to have so many options to choose from! Some good pizza ideas in your post - Teriyaki tofu, avocado and vegan cheese pizza AND Mushrooms, spinach and vegan cheese pizza - haven't tried those combos yet. I hope tomorrow night is MM night! :)

  5. I think we almost went there when we were in Atlanta last it next to Trader Joe's? We don't have those down here (TJ OR MM). I hear they also have lots of good beer :)