Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Czech foods that I miss (Vegan MoFo Day 27)

There are many Czech vegan foods and treats that I miss. I try to find American versions and alternatives as much as I can. I veganize many Czech traditional foods, too. Here are some of my favorites that I miss and cannot buy in Atlanta. sadly they cannot be shipped here either, two would not make it without a refrigerator and through the customs and a jar of pickles would break and the cost of shipping would be insane.
I LOVE this Tofu spread (paté)! I could eat this every single day and not get tired of it. The taste is unlike anything made with tofu that I ever tried in the USA. It does not compare to cream cheese spreads or vegan cheeses that I buy here. It has a slightly smokey flavor, but very creamy and delicate texture. It is very smooth and flavorful without any weird tofu aftertaste.
I will try recreating the taste in the future. The ingredients list only says mixture of spices but they don't say which spices. I might contact the company and ask them what they use. They have other flavors, but I like the original the best.
I LOVE red currant but cannot ever find it in Atlanta, Georgia. I had not had any in five years until last year. I miss red currant so at least I buy red currant jam here.
I LOVE Czech pickles! They are the best pickles, better than American dill pickles. The closest thing to Czech pickles that I found here are Polish and German pickles so I buy those.
The combination of bread, tofu spread and pickles in heavenly!


  1. I would love to try that tofu spread. Sounds tasty and interesting! I'm pretty sure we have the currants here. Not sure where I've seen them, but maybe a specialty foods shop.

  2. Agreed! Czech pickles are the best, the only thing I have found that is close, is dill pickles from Trader Joe's (not sure if that exists on the east coast). But they still don't really compare. I am working on a recipe of my own, adapted from my grandparents (who make the best!). I will post it when I perfect it :)

    I really miss tartex too, the kind that comes in tubes. We only have the small container ones here, but they don't have all the flavours.

    You might check local farmers markets on the currant. Around August ours will carry black (my absolute favourite!), white, and red currant. They go so fast though, so I always buy a lot and then freeze them. Also, you could grow your own. My parents have red currant and josta berry.

  3. @Ruby June- We have Trader Joe's here too :-) I will have to try their pickles. Thanks. I love black currant and gooseberries but they don't grow in the South here, too hot or humid maybe. When I move and have a better patio I will get some seeds from Czech Republic and try growing them.

  4. That tofu spread sounds delicious! I also don't think I've ever had fresh currants before. Only dried or jams. How lovely!

  5. I miss this one too! (I'm vegetarian) And I miss tofu with sea weed and pumpkin seeds... ahhh!