Friday, February 8, 2013

Doggie Snood from "A Cache of Jewels"

My English Cocker Spaniel Shelly has super looooooong ears that get dirty and stinky when I feed her anything wet (canned food or raw food). Her beautiful ears end up with dried up food if I don't clean them immediately after dinner. I got tired of cleaning her ears every day. Shelly eats mostly raw food or a combination of grain free kibble and raw food. It is neither fun nor sanitary to get bits and pieces of food off your dog's long, hairy ears after dinner. Luckily I was able to find a great solution to this problem. A Doggie Snood! And I got Shelly's Snood custom made so it fits her perfectly! 
This beautiful Snood was made by Sandra from A Cache of Jewels
Sandra makes fabric custom made dog Snoods. You can choose from a huge variety of fabrics, designs and colors. She makes knitted dog Snoods, too. She donates $1 of all sales to the English Springer Spaniel Rescue which is awesome! You can even use your own fabric if you like because Sandra is great and tries to make the perfect Snood for each and every dog. 

Sandra makes cloth and knitted snoods so the customers have the option of using one for feeding and the other for warmth for their dogs. All snoods are custom fitted and colors are the choice of the customer (and the dog, of course) once you sent Sandra your information and the measurements she requires for the custom fit. 

As our winters have changed to be much colder and stormier over the past few years, people need to be reminded that their dogs need protection around their ears and jaws in the wind and cold, even if they have doggie coats. Sighthounds and those with thinner skins and shorter coats (and older dogs) such as Greys, Bassets, and even Poodles who are kept in the shorter clips can easily be hurt in the winter. Sandra's knitted Snoods keep them warm and cozy. She creates interesting designs and color combinations with the knitted snoods as well. Many dogs don't need a full jacket, but most need snoods. 
If I lived up North I would order a knitted Snood for Shelly made with non-wool yarn. 
If you have a long-eared dog and want to keep his ears out of the dinner bowl, get him a fabric doggie Snood. If you have a dog who is cold in the winter while going out on walks, get a custom made knitted doggie Snood. 

I wanted something girly, green and pink so Sandra picked this beautiful design :-) 

No more messy, stinky ears after dinner! No more after dinner cleaning!

Knitted snoods (picture source)