Friday, December 14, 2012

The purrfect kitty toys from "Fido the cat"

My kitties are very lucky because they received some beautiful, adorable and fun cat toys from "Fido the cat". Fido the cat has an online Etsy shop with the cutest catnip cat toys. Abbey and Bear got a catnip strawberry frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, and a couple of catnip fortune cookies. 
These toys are handmade in USA. Each cat toy is individually handmade from 100% polyester felt, 100% polyester filler, cotton/polyester thread, and filled with organic very potent catnip. And the best part? The fun food shapes! Fortune cookies, donuts, toaster tarts, and more. Here are some other shapes and colors available: 

 Strawberry, mint and lemon frosted donuts with sprinkles. Photo source 

 Love message fortune cookies. Photo source 

Chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles. Photo source 

As soon as I unwrapped these toys, Abbey grabbed the donut and started licking it, biting it, kicking it with her back legs while rolling around like a maniac, all at the same time :-) It was hilarious to see her going bananas! Bear was more reserved when it was his turn to play. He grabbed the fortune cookie, licked it a few times and then ran with it under the table, as if it was a prey that he just caught. We have had these toys for about a week now and they did not lose interest in them yet. The toys are holding up very well given the fact that Abbey and Bear play rough with them. 

Cute strawberry frosted donut with fun rainbow sprinkles 

Isn't this catnip donut absolutely adorable? 

Bear totally "high" on catnip after a long play session with his strawberry frosted catnip donut at 2 a.m. :-) 

Fun catnip filled fortune cookies 

Abbey is being greedy and does not want to share her fortune cookies with Bear........

   Abbey and her "Happy" catnip fortune cookie 

Fido the cat (picture source) 

Here is Fido the cat and his little story. 

"I am a brown, black and white Tabby cat just wandering around on a fire escape and pounced into my mom’s life about 10 years ago. I was determined to stay. With my adorable charm, and soothing meows, mom agreed and the next thing I knew, I was adopted. I didn’t want my name changed, so Fido it is.

Some say, I am bit of a character. Charming, witty and loving. I purr pretty loud. Mom describes me as her little “diesel engine that could”.

I like to do everything with my Mom. I sit on her lap while she types her emails and even when she uses the sewing machine. I help by putting my paw on the fabric to help keep it straight. I’m good like that.

Mom and I were playing one day. I wasn’t too happy with the toys we were playing with. Mom had a few scraps of fabric left from a project and she made me a toy.

I smelled the catnip and my eyes got large. I got very excited! You should see my Mom’s smiles. The toy she made is my favorite toy to this day!

When the holidays came along, Mom made some toys to give to our friends as gifts. They were thrilled. They thought Mom should make more toys and sell them. Taking their advice, Mom and I created Fido the Cat."

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Sprout Kit with organic sprouting seeds review

I like sprouts, especially alfalfa sprouts in my sandwiches and salads, but I don't like paying $3-$5 for a small container of sprouts. I have always wanted to sprout my own seeds and legumes but I never got the courage to do it. I was lazy and worried, but it turns out that sprouting at home is not complicated at all and it does not require too much of your time or energy. It does require some planning if you want a daily supply of fresh, delicious and nutritious sprouts though. Vegan Cuts sent me this awesome Green Sprout Kit that makes sprouting easy. 
This kit (gift set) includes two-quart glass sprouting jar (similar to a Mason jar) with stainless steel screen and solid cap. The screen cap is for draining and sprouting and the solid cap is for keeping sprouts fresh in the refrigerator after they are fully sprouted. There is also an organic cotton produce bag included. This bag is great for covering your sprouting jar to keep the light out. The kit also contains a sheet with instructions and a recipe, and a 4 oz container with organic lentil, mung and garbanzo sprouting beans. The sprouting jar is completely reusable and BPA-free. You can buy refills online or get any of your favorite legumes, beans or seeds locally. 
Embark on an exciting new culinary adventure when you sprout scrumptious lentils, mung, garbanzo beans, and more. You will discover easy to follow recipes for delicious new salad, smoothies, stir fry and stew creations. The Green Sprout Kit includes everything you need to sprout seeds and legumes, including recipes. The protein packed superfoods you grow will energize your body with enzymes and nutrients, while providing anti-aging antioxidants to make you glow from the inside out. Did you know that ounce for ounce sprouts contain more nutrients than any other whole food know? 

Get your Green Sprout Kit via Vegan Cuts for a special price with free shipping and handling! This kit makes an awesome Christmas present for your relatives, friends, coworkers, or yourself. You can have fresh sprouts for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for fully sprouted seeds at the grocery store. This Green Sprout Kit comes with 4 oz bag of lentil sprouting seeds, 4 oz organic mung bean sprouting seeds and 4 oz organic garbanzo bean sprouting seeds for more variety. 

Look at these little lentil babies, they don't know what transformation is awaiting them :-) 

My lentil blend rinsed and soaked, waiting to be drained and sprouted :-) 

This is how my sprouts will look like in a few days :-) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lupine Dog and Cat products review

When it comes to dog collars and leashes I learned over the years that many companies offer either a great quality but boring design and colors, or a beautiful design but poor quality. My observations come from years of experience as a holistic pet nutritionist, store manager, and from volunteering at various animal shelters and from having my own animal companions. 
I would like to introduce you to a company that offers both, high quality and a beautiful design. Lupine company has been making colorful collars, leashes and harnesses for over 23 years. They build their products in USA (in New Hampshire). Their products are guaranteed even if chewed or scratched. I don't know any other company that would do that, other than Lupine. Their lifetime guarantee is amazing! If your puppy chews up his new collar, or your kitty scratches her collar, you can simply mail the damaged product to Lupine company and they will mail you a replacement free of charge the next business day after they receive the damaged item. No receipt, no questions asked! 
I have been buying Lupine collars and leashes for my Shelly, for friends and for shelter animals for years. Lupine products are inspired by the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you can count on Lupine time and time again. However, even the best collar or leash can be chewed up by a dog so therefore Lupine's lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind. 
Lupine offers lots of colorful patters, sizes and options when it comes to collars, leashes (I love their padded handle leads!), harnesses (they have "Step in" and "Roman" harness), matching keychains, and other pet accessories. 

Some of their beautiful, colorful patterns are peacock feathers, lizards, various flowers, bones, paw prints, turtles, apples, butterflies, planet Earth, peace sign, etc. 

They add new patters during the year so you and your doggie or kitty never get bored :-) 

Lupine kindly sent me a few of their beautiful products for review. 

Roman Harness, Collar and padded handle Lead (Leash) in "Puppy Love" pattern 

I love this pretty pattern with three different pink shades and beautiful heart design. Very girly! The collar fits snuggly and comfortable and it is easily adjustable. It is easy to put on and to take off. 
My English Cocker Spaniel Shelly likes to pull on her leash sometimes which puts too much pressure on her trachea. I started walking Shelly in this Roman harness several weeks ago and she no longer pulls as much and her neck is great. She would pull so much on a leash sometimes that she sounded like she was choking and this harness prevents her from doing that. Many vets and I recommend harness for small dogs since a harness is designed to eliminate pressure on their delicate trachea area. Harness can prevent small dogs from getting collapsed trachea which is common for small dogs, especially the ones who pull on their collar and leash often. My Shelly is not a small dog but she benefits from wearing a harness. This harness is also designed to help larger and older dogs up and down stairs. It is very easy to put on and take off after you do it once. The adjustable shoulder straps help to reduce strain on the neck and back. This harness is so comfortable that Shelly can sleep in it or play while wearing it. We love going to the park with this harness! We get so many compliments about the beautiful design :-) 

I keep a collar on Shelly all the time because I think it is important to have a tag on her collar in case if anything happens. You never know if she accidentally slips through the door and gets out. I think that everyone should have their dogs and cats microchipped and also make them wear collars with tags that have a phone number in case if the animal gets out. 

The leash with padded handle is strong and comfortable to hold,  and I trust it when walking around the busy road. 

 Shelly busy getting a peanut butter out of her toy. 

Shelly sleeping after a long walk :-) 

 Ready for a walk 

Shelly "reading" messages from other dogs :-) 

Leash with padded handle and adjustable collar in  "Moo Cow" pattern  

Aaaaaaaah, this pattern is absolutely adorable and perfect for me, the cow lover and vegan :-) 
I bought a keychain in that pattern many years ago so when I got the collar and leash I was thrilled! A beautiful, strong collar and leash with a message? Yes! Unfortunately this pattern has been "retired" but you can still buy it online if you search for Lupine Moo Cow collar. 

 Shelly taking her cows for a walk  :-) 

                              Shelly LOVES watermelon! 

 My very old matching keychain that still looks like new! 

Cat Safety Collars with Breakaway Buckle in "Big Easy" and "Peace Pup" patterns (one with added bell)

Lupine Cat collars are cute! I like the option of added bell for the kitties that go outside because the bell alerts wildlife about the kitty predators. Therefore kitties cannot easily sneak up on birds and chipmunks and kill them for fun. Yes, cats are strange, they are one of the very few (maybe the only one) animals who kill for fun not just for food. Many domestic cats and feral cats who get fed daily still kill little birds, mice and other animals, mostly for fun and to bring you a "present". The bell can save lives! Also the bell is handy if you have mischievous kitty under your feet so at least you know his/hers whereabouts. It is extremely important that you only use breakaway (safety) cat collars on your cats, because a dog collar can kill or hurt your cat. Cats get into bushes, under things and jump from place to place and if you use a collar that does not have a breakaway buckle, your cat can strangle itself if the collar gets caught on a branch or elsewhere. Also as kitties play together, they can easily strangle each other if the collar does not release when a pressure is applied. I have witnessed a horror story at one of the shelters I used to volunteer at. I was the first person to open the shelter in the morning just to find half dead cat due to a collar that did not release. I mentioned several times before that I did not like those plastic collars on the cats but nobody listen to me. The kitty was an orange tabby. I opened his cage and saw his collar stuck around his head, around his mouth (I guess he was grooming himself and his chin got underneath the collar and got stuck). He was foaming out of his mouth, his mouth was bleeding and gums pale. I grabbed scissors and cut the collar off.  I checked on his breathing and cleaned his mouth and rushed him to the vet. Luckily he survived this but since that day nobody was allowed to put any plastic or other regular collars on the shelter cats. They can only wear breakaway collars now. 

My kitties are strictly indoors but for their safety I like to keep a collar on them with a small tag. I was not able to take a good picture since their long hair camouflage the collars, but at least here is one picture of Bear wearing his collar :-) 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ombar-raw superfood chocolate review

Few weeks ago I received a beautiful package with organic raw vegan chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Shop all the way from Britain :-) 

Ombar is no average chocolate bar. 
Ombar is superfood chocolate that is loaded with antioxidants due to raw cacao. The fruits that Ombar uses are dried using a low temperature technology to preserve as much of the natural goodness as possible. 
Some of their chocolate bars even contain probiotics (friendly bacteria) for healthy digestion. 
Ombars are sweetened with organic coconut sugar which is a low-glycemic, unrefined and incredibly sustainable sugar, ethically sourced from the sap of the coconut palm tree. 

The Chief Ingredient in Ombars is raw Ecuadorian Cocoa. Needless to say, this is the most important ingredient: The quality and origin of the cocoa define the character of the chocolate. The cocoa Ombar uses is from Ecuador, a country known for growing some of the world's finest quality cocoa beans, known as Arriba Nacional. The cocoa they use has a beautifully deep and complex flavor and, unlike most cocoa butters available, theirs has not been deodorized so it retains a rich and indulgent aroma.
Cocoa is a food that is rich in nutrients and a complexity still being discovered. However, probably the most well known health benefit is the remarkable antioxidant capacity of cocoa, due to the high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are delicate, heat-sensitive compounds that are largely destroyed in the chocolate-making process, often intentionally as the polyphenols are responsible for the bitter taste of cocoa. However, in line with SKS Farms' commitment to offer the very best of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean, they have developed a method of processing the cocoa beans- from harvesting through to chocolate-making - where the cocoa does not reach high temperatures which ensures that the 'cooking' process does not begin which would change the structure of the food. The aim is to make sure that you are taking as much of the benefit nature has packed into the cocoa bean as possible even after it's been made into a chocolate bar.

Ombar takes junk food to superfood! 

Here are the bars that I tried. My absolute favorite are Probiotic Strawberry, and Probiotic Coconut. 

Acai & Blueberry 

This bar is a nutritional powerhouse due to raw cacao, acai berries and blueberry. The rich chocolate flavor has appealing blueberry notes and lovely acai touch. It is like eating chocolate covered blueberries :-) Very good! 

Probiotic Dark 72% 

This divine robust chocolate is very strong and has deep, almost smokey cacao notes with a subtle coconut touch. It is so rich, even a small piece satisfies my chocolate cravings. 

Cranberry & Mandarin 

Sweet rich chocolate infused with distinctive mandarin and tart cranberries. This is a very interesting combo. I usually love orange and cranberry combo, and orange and chocolate so I thought I would love the mandarin & cranberry chocolate, but I did not. This bar was not my cup of tea. 

Probiotic Strawberry 

This bar blew my mind! It smells and tastes like chocolate covered strawberries that have been topped with whipped cream. Very fresh strawberry flavor is blended with smooth and rich chocolate. It is amazingly silky and creamy. I love this bar! 

Goji Berry

Deep complex chocolate flavor with gentle, extra sweet and tangy goji berries. Very good! 

Probiotic Coconut 

This excellent chocolate bar is creamy and silky and has a very exquisite coconut flavor. I love it! 

Visit Ombar and The Raw Chocolate Shop's  website and online shop 
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cinnamon- New gluten-free vegan online bakery

I am excited to announce that my friend Geanna Marek has recently opened a new, online vegan bakery! Her bakery has a sweet name "Cinnamon". Cinnamon is 100% vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free which makes it a really good news for all vegans and gluten-free foodies. 

Cinnamon was founded in 2012 by Geanna Marek, who had suffered for years from various allergies and intolerances. After realizing there really wasn't anything on the market that she could safely and comfortably eat, she sought to create delicious foods for everyone - no matter what their dietary restrictions or preferences may be. She succeeded with making baked donuts, cinnamon rolls and cookies that are free from the top 8 common allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat), but are tasty, too.  
Cinnamon products are baked in a 100% gluten-free and vegetarian commercial kitchen that has been licensed by a state health inspector from the Department of Agriculture. Cinnamon products are baked with separate utensils and dishes, and are stored in enclosed containers to ensure that no cross contamination occurs. 
Cinnamon is located in Portland, Oregon. Contact Geanna at 971.258.2995 Tuesday-Friday, or email for more information. 

I was lucky to receive a few of her baked goodies right after my surgery. I received plain donut with cinnamon sugar, seasonal pumpkin donut with pumpkin glaze, and bite-sized "classic" chocolate chip cookies. 

The plain donut with cinnamon sugar was everything but plain. It started with the beautiful cinnamon aroma. Mmmmmmm. The donut was pleasantly soft and it was not greasy or overly sweet. It had a distinctive donut texture and flavor. It was very good! 

The pumpkin donut with pumpkin glaze was more dense and less soft which was a good thing since it was holding up well under a   generous layer of pumpkin glaze. The pumpkin glaze reminded me of pumpkin butter. A perfect autumn treat! 

Chocolate chips cookies were sinfully delicious! These sweet cookies very infused with strong vanilla and loaded with rich and decadent chocolate chips. The cookies had a nice crunchy texture. 

If you order baked goodies from Cinnamon, you will not be disappointed! Support a new vegan business and order now on Cinnamon's website.  
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweaty Bands Giveaway Winner

The beautiful Sweaty Bands fitness headband winner is a comment number 29. It is a comment by "mommabosnick" aka Faith Amber Bosnick. Please, email me your address at 
czech.vegan (at) so I can ship you your prize. 

( I used random number generator on )

Monday, October 29, 2012

Goodbye, Cancer!

"Good morning, you are Cancer Free!"  
Wednesday was my birthday and I received the best birthday present ever when my doctor called me with my newest biopsy results first thing in the morning. I had to ask him to repeat what he said since the phone woke me up and I was still half asleep. Best news ever after my long, painful, terrifying and expensive cervical cancer scare. How did I get there? 
When I lived in Czech Republic I used to get my pap smear and routine gynecological exam yearly since I had free health care. When I moved to USA I lost my free health care and my job has never been able to provide me with health care. I have to pay for any doctor's visit, surgeries, or medication out of pocket. Since I was pretty healthy I figured that I did not need to go get my pap smear every year. I skipped a few years to save money which turned out to be a big mistake and at the end it did not save me money, but rather cost me (and still will cost me) thousands of dollars. Two years ago I had an abnormal pap smear after not having any pap smear for four years. My doctor wanted me to do a colposcopy to check for precancerous cervical cells (which can turn into an invasive cervical cancer if left untreated). When I got my $300 bill for the lab work (on top of my  pap smear) I decided to wait for the colposcopy since the lab bill was a nasty surprise. Few month later my father died of brain cancer and I was totally consumed with grief so I forgot about my abnormal pap smear. The next year life got in a way again, I had to have an emergency oral surgery and later that year my dog Shelly needed two surgeries so all my money went to pay for that. Once again I did not do the colposcopy. It was not only a question about money, but also the fact that I am extremely scared of any needles, and medical procedures. In the beginning of this year I started having some problems, mostly annoying pain in my pelvic area and bleeding. I went to the gynecologist and he got upset with me that I did not come see him earlier. We did another pap smear and the results were very abnormal so I was told that I needed the previously mentioned colposcopy and biopsy of my cervix. And I needed it immediately. I waited a few month to get the courage to do this and also to save up enough money for the procedure. We did three biopsies and colposcopy which was very painful and uncomfortable. Physical pain came with a mental pain when my friend died the day after my biopsies. I was so depressed and upset I did not even care about my biopsy results. Those came a week later. My doctor called me to tell me that they found something bad during my biopsies: high-grade, possibly cancerous cervical dysplasia. He recommended a full hysterectomy but due to my young age, the fact that I don't have any kids, and that I don't have the money for hysterectomy, we agreed on a less invasive cervical surgery to remove these precancerous, possibly cancerous cervical lesions along with a part of my cervix. Since I waited so long to get my biopsy I could not do the simple method of cryosurgery-freezing abnormal cells or laser therapy-burning away abnormal tissue. Lucky me............I was mortified and crushed. I wanted to crawl into bed and cry. I cried every day. I was angry at myself that I let life get in the way and put it off for so long. I was angry that I did not have health insurance. I was scared. I felt sorry for myself. I was mad at myself. I was mad at the world. I was worried that this thing was in my lymph nodes and other organs which would mean more surgeries, possibly including a full hysterectomy. And then what? Radiation? Chemotherapy? How would I pay for it? How could I afford not to work for a while? Would I ever have children? Would I ever see my family in Czech Republic? How would I go through this with my anxiety, and needle and medication phobia? Why is this happening to me? I eat very heathy vegan diet, I don't smoke, I hardly ever drink, I don't take drugs, I exercise, I try to do my best to take care of myself and now cancer?  I lost all my motivation and good spirit. Thankfully I was surrounded by amazing people who love me and supported me through all this. My family, companion animals, friends, work clients, my blog readers, Twitter followers and pen pals offered me love, kind and encouraging words and support. I could not do this without them. I could not do this without my loving husband who has been there for me 24/7. 
I am very grateful to have such a beautiful support net around me. I am also thankful for all the care packages, visits and vegan goodies that I received during my tough times. I had friends from all over the world supporting me and giving me virtual hugs and sending me goodies (some even from Australia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, etc). 

Last Friday I had my super expensive surgery. It was recommended that I do this under a general anesthesia but due to fear of being put under and the high cost of this anesthesia I chose to do it under a local anesthesia instead. I am not going to get into details about my surgery but it was a very traumatic and painful experience with some complications. I wish I did that under a total anesthesia instead. I was home for a week recovering and yesterday I was able to go back to work. However, I cannot lift anything too heavy, bend or exercise for a few weeks to prevent the risks of bleeding and other complications. I miss my daily running so much but my healing and recovery is important so I am willing to wait until I am 100% better. I was in a lot of pain for days, but now I am feeling much better. 
Ladies, don't make the same mistake, get your pap smear yearly (or every two years if your doctor recommends it). Don't let your life get in the way of your health!

Luckily my doctor was able to remove all the bad stuff so at this point I am cancer free and I do not need any further treatment. 
I have a 95%-97% chance to stay cervical cancer free. 
However, I have to do a pap smear every three month now for at least a year and then every half a year to monitor my cervix. Doesn't it sound like fun? Very expensive fun considering that each pap smear will come with a hefty lab work fee. 

I had a lot of time to think about cancer and various treatments since my father died and I was determined not to do chemotherapy or radiation if they left some cancer behind or if I had an invasive cancer. This was something I thought about a lot. I respect everyones decision to treat their cancer in ways they think is the best, but for me chemotherapy or radiation was not an option. I have seen the long term side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 
I work with animals and many animals who undergo such dramatic treatments do not make it through, or if they live they only get a few month but their quality of life is not good. I have only seen a small handful of animals who were cured by radiation or chemotherapy (but they also did some holistic treatment in addition to it), but most were also pretty young. I lost my father to cancer, I lost my grandma in law to cancer, I lost my uncle to cancer, I lost my dog to cancer and I knew many people and animals personally who died because of cancer despite the treatment they received at a hospital. Yes, there are thousands of lucky people and animals alive nowadays who live because of the traditional treatments but I bet you they also changed their diet or received an additional holistic treatments or supplements, including doing yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc. I am happy that it worked for them. 

Here is a documentary that shows pretty much what I think about the whole cancer thing, from the traditional and approved treatment options in USA, pharmaceutical industry, to holistic approach. While I don't agree with everything that this documentary shows, I think it is a very valuable documentary that I would recommend to everyone. Yes, there is a place for pharmaceutical drugs and surgery so I am not saying that holistic approach is the only way, but we all deserve to know all our options before doing a radical chemo or radiation treatment. We deserve to have a choice and to know all aspects of all possible treatments. Don't judge someone for not wanting to do chemo or radiation, it is a very personal choice. 
Do you have an experience with holistic cancer treatment or any natural cancer treatment? 


(Video source YouTube )

Here are some of my favorite blogs and websites with cancer tips that promote plant-based lifestyle. 

My friend Lindsay S. Nixon who is the author of Happy Herbivore cookbooks and a HH website had a similar experience like me many years ago. That experience sent her down the road to vegan diet. 

Carrie's thyroid cancer battle at Carrie on Vegan Blog 

Lindsay's cervical cancer journey at Standing with Cancer Blog 

A few interesting cancer tips on Raw Vegan Forever Blog 

Chris, a chemo-free cancer survivor at Chris Beat Cancer website 

Cortney, a cancer survivor at Green Drink Diaries website 

PCRM promotes preventative medicine through innovative programs

A non-profit organization in San Diego, CA, dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. 

Physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegetarian/vegan cuisine. 

Website with amazing cancer tips and helpful resources. Kris is an author of several amazing books, including "Crazy Sexy Diet", "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips"and "Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor" 

Ladies, please, promise me that you will do your yearly Pap Smear! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Tomatoes etc! Fruit snack and powder review

Two years ago I discovered Just Tomatoes etc! company.  I did a review for them and I have been a fan ever since. 
Just Tomatoes etc! freeze-dried fruit and veggie snacks are flash frozen, then specially vacuumed to extract the water to keep their color, nutrients and intense flavor. Since their freeze-dried fruits are never processed above 90 degrees, they are considered raw. Raw food enthusiasts love them! They also make dehydrated products that are dehydrated at 125 degrees. Absolutely nothing is added! Just Tomatoes etc! snacks are all natural, nut free, GMO free, gluten free, vegan and kosher. 
They sent me a few baggies to review again which made me very happy since I am a big fan of their fruit snacks. Here are some things that I love about them. They are fun to eat! They are sweet, crunchy and delicious! 
They are healthy, convenient, vegan and raw snacks that are light and easy to carry on hikes or long trips, and they make a nice snack addition to a work lunch. They are an amazing topping for any cereal, rice pudding, yogurt or oatmeal. They are also great as dog treats for dogs who are vegan or have allergies to certain meat proteins, grains, or traditional dog treats. Just stay away from the grapes since dogs should not eat grapes. 
Just Tomatoes etc! snacks are pretty low calories so people and doggies can happily indulge on these without getting fat :-) I love that a 3oz pouch equals about 1 pound of fresh fruit so I get tons of antioxidants and nutrients in a smaller portion. They make a nice addition to pancakes, muffins, or ice cream dishes. The powder takes any boring oatmeal to a new level of awesomeness. I add about a tablespoon of fruit powder into my morning oatmeal and it blends very quickly and nicely. The strawberry powder smells just like ripe strawberries and it tastes like strawberries, nothing fake or weird about it. The fruit powder and fruit pieces soften when you submerge them in almond milk or other liquids. 
I like the small 50 calorie pouches since they give me more control over my daily calories, but I can easily eat two or three of those pouches in one day........

The Strawberry powder can be swapped for Raspberry powder in my Pudding recipe here

Healthy Rainbow treats! 

More treats and Strawberry powder 

Just Strawberries 'N Bananas 
Beautiful, crunchy slices of bananas and strawberries. Simple but delightful! 

Just Fruit Salad 
A delicious fruit picnic in a bag! Pears, apples, peaches, bananas, strawberries and red grapes make up a great fruit salad blend that is sweet, crunchy and tasty. 

Just Fruit Munchies 
 Sweet and tart fruit extravaganza that is made of apples, grapes, blueberries, sour cherries, mango, pineapple and raspberries. I love sharing the big apple pieces with my dog Shelly (picture bellow). This is a lovely colorful mix of tropical and local fruits that taste as good as they look.   

Strawberry Powder is crushed, freeze dried fruit which has endless possibilities for application. Everything from smoothies, cakes, oatmeal to raw desserts. I love adding it to my oatmeal or rolling banana pieces in it for a healthy raw dessert. I also make a really nice instant strawberry jam by mixing strawberry powder and a splash of water and letting it sit for a minute. 

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