Friday, December 14, 2012

The purrfect kitty toys from "Fido the cat"

My kitties are very lucky because they received some beautiful, adorable and fun cat toys from "Fido the cat". Fido the cat has an online Etsy shop with the cutest catnip cat toys. Abbey and Bear got a catnip strawberry frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, and a couple of catnip fortune cookies. 
These toys are handmade in USA. Each cat toy is individually handmade from 100% polyester felt, 100% polyester filler, cotton/polyester thread, and filled with organic very potent catnip. And the best part? The fun food shapes! Fortune cookies, donuts, toaster tarts, and more. Here are some other shapes and colors available: 

 Strawberry, mint and lemon frosted donuts with sprinkles. Photo source 

 Love message fortune cookies. Photo source 

Chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles. Photo source 

As soon as I unwrapped these toys, Abbey grabbed the donut and started licking it, biting it, kicking it with her back legs while rolling around like a maniac, all at the same time :-) It was hilarious to see her going bananas! Bear was more reserved when it was his turn to play. He grabbed the fortune cookie, licked it a few times and then ran with it under the table, as if it was a prey that he just caught. We have had these toys for about a week now and they did not lose interest in them yet. The toys are holding up very well given the fact that Abbey and Bear play rough with them. 

Cute strawberry frosted donut with fun rainbow sprinkles 

Isn't this catnip donut absolutely adorable? 

Bear totally "high" on catnip after a long play session with his strawberry frosted catnip donut at 2 a.m. :-) 

Fun catnip filled fortune cookies 

Abbey is being greedy and does not want to share her fortune cookies with Bear........

   Abbey and her "Happy" catnip fortune cookie 

Fido the cat (picture source) 

Here is Fido the cat and his little story. 

"I am a brown, black and white Tabby cat just wandering around on a fire escape and pounced into my mom’s life about 10 years ago. I was determined to stay. With my adorable charm, and soothing meows, mom agreed and the next thing I knew, I was adopted. I didn’t want my name changed, so Fido it is.

Some say, I am bit of a character. Charming, witty and loving. I purr pretty loud. Mom describes me as her little “diesel engine that could”.

I like to do everything with my Mom. I sit on her lap while she types her emails and even when she uses the sewing machine. I help by putting my paw on the fabric to help keep it straight. I’m good like that.

Mom and I were playing one day. I wasn’t too happy with the toys we were playing with. Mom had a few scraps of fabric left from a project and she made me a toy.

I smelled the catnip and my eyes got large. I got very excited! You should see my Mom’s smiles. The toy she made is my favorite toy to this day!

When the holidays came along, Mom made some toys to give to our friends as gifts. They were thrilled. They thought Mom should make more toys and sell them. Taking their advice, Mom and I created Fido the Cat."

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Sprout Kit with organic sprouting seeds review

I like sprouts, especially alfalfa sprouts in my sandwiches and salads, but I don't like paying $3-$5 for a small container of sprouts. I have always wanted to sprout my own seeds and legumes but I never got the courage to do it. I was lazy and worried, but it turns out that sprouting at home is not complicated at all and it does not require too much of your time or energy. It does require some planning if you want a daily supply of fresh, delicious and nutritious sprouts though. Vegan Cuts sent me this awesome Green Sprout Kit that makes sprouting easy. 
This kit (gift set) includes two-quart glass sprouting jar (similar to a Mason jar) with stainless steel screen and solid cap. The screen cap is for draining and sprouting and the solid cap is for keeping sprouts fresh in the refrigerator after they are fully sprouted. There is also an organic cotton produce bag included. This bag is great for covering your sprouting jar to keep the light out. The kit also contains a sheet with instructions and a recipe, and a 4 oz container with organic lentil, mung and garbanzo sprouting beans. The sprouting jar is completely reusable and BPA-free. You can buy refills online or get any of your favorite legumes, beans or seeds locally. 
Embark on an exciting new culinary adventure when you sprout scrumptious lentils, mung, garbanzo beans, and more. You will discover easy to follow recipes for delicious new salad, smoothies, stir fry and stew creations. The Green Sprout Kit includes everything you need to sprout seeds and legumes, including recipes. The protein packed superfoods you grow will energize your body with enzymes and nutrients, while providing anti-aging antioxidants to make you glow from the inside out. Did you know that ounce for ounce sprouts contain more nutrients than any other whole food know? 

Get your Green Sprout Kit via Vegan Cuts for a special price with free shipping and handling! This kit makes an awesome Christmas present for your relatives, friends, coworkers, or yourself. You can have fresh sprouts for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for fully sprouted seeds at the grocery store. This Green Sprout Kit comes with 4 oz bag of lentil sprouting seeds, 4 oz organic mung bean sprouting seeds and 4 oz organic garbanzo bean sprouting seeds for more variety. 

Look at these little lentil babies, they don't know what transformation is awaiting them :-) 

My lentil blend rinsed and soaked, waiting to be drained and sprouted :-) 

This is how my sprouts will look like in a few days :-)