Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Tomatoes etc! Fruit snack and powder review

Two years ago I discovered Just Tomatoes etc! company.  I did a review for them and I have been a fan ever since. 
Just Tomatoes etc! freeze-dried fruit and veggie snacks are flash frozen, then specially vacuumed to extract the water to keep their color, nutrients and intense flavor. Since their freeze-dried fruits are never processed above 90 degrees, they are considered raw. Raw food enthusiasts love them! They also make dehydrated products that are dehydrated at 125 degrees. Absolutely nothing is added! Just Tomatoes etc! snacks are all natural, nut free, GMO free, gluten free, vegan and kosher. 
They sent me a few baggies to review again which made me very happy since I am a big fan of their fruit snacks. Here are some things that I love about them. They are fun to eat! They are sweet, crunchy and delicious! 
They are healthy, convenient, vegan and raw snacks that are light and easy to carry on hikes or long trips, and they make a nice snack addition to a work lunch. They are an amazing topping for any cereal, rice pudding, yogurt or oatmeal. They are also great as dog treats for dogs who are vegan or have allergies to certain meat proteins, grains, or traditional dog treats. Just stay away from the grapes since dogs should not eat grapes. 
Just Tomatoes etc! snacks are pretty low calories so people and doggies can happily indulge on these without getting fat :-) I love that a 3oz pouch equals about 1 pound of fresh fruit so I get tons of antioxidants and nutrients in a smaller portion. They make a nice addition to pancakes, muffins, or ice cream dishes. The powder takes any boring oatmeal to a new level of awesomeness. I add about a tablespoon of fruit powder into my morning oatmeal and it blends very quickly and nicely. The strawberry powder smells just like ripe strawberries and it tastes like strawberries, nothing fake or weird about it. The fruit powder and fruit pieces soften when you submerge them in almond milk or other liquids. 
I like the small 50 calorie pouches since they give me more control over my daily calories, but I can easily eat two or three of those pouches in one day........

The Strawberry powder can be swapped for Raspberry powder in my Pudding recipe here

Healthy Rainbow treats! 

More treats and Strawberry powder 

Just Strawberries 'N Bananas 
Beautiful, crunchy slices of bananas and strawberries. Simple but delightful! 

Just Fruit Salad 
A delicious fruit picnic in a bag! Pears, apples, peaches, bananas, strawberries and red grapes make up a great fruit salad blend that is sweet, crunchy and tasty. 

Just Fruit Munchies 
 Sweet and tart fruit extravaganza that is made of apples, grapes, blueberries, sour cherries, mango, pineapple and raspberries. I love sharing the big apple pieces with my dog Shelly (picture bellow). This is a lovely colorful mix of tropical and local fruits that taste as good as they look.   

Strawberry Powder is crushed, freeze dried fruit which has endless possibilities for application. Everything from smoothies, cakes, oatmeal to raw desserts. I love adding it to my oatmeal or rolling banana pieces in it for a healthy raw dessert. I also make a really nice instant strawberry jam by mixing strawberry powder and a splash of water and letting it sit for a minute. 

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  1. I surely would love the strawberry version(s)! Cute doggie

    1. I love their raspberry powder too. Thank you :-)