Monday, October 10, 2011

Lunch with lovely vegan ladies-Vegan MoFo Day 10

How was your Monday? Mine was fun! I had a lunch with my vegan friends Hillary, Adrienne and Elena. We went to Sevananda Natural Foods Market. Sevananda is a really cool co-op that tries to empower the community to improve its health and well-being. They do not sell any meat (including fowl and fish), with the exception of pet food. So it is basically a vegetarian/vegan grocery store. How cool is that? They even sell supplements, vitamins and herbs. It is like a smaller Whole Foods, but better in many ways. I love the fact that when I shop or eat there I do not have to smell any seafood or meat and that their hot bar does not have trays with dead animals swimming in gravy. To learn more about this awesome store, read Adrienne's blog post.
Hillary got an assortment of Thai foods from their hot bar, Elena had a sandwich with fake chicken salad and me and Adrienne shared some tasty vegan Mac & Cheese and vegan crabcakes "crabfakes" with tartar sauce. The Mac & Cheese was great as always and the crabcakes were so yummy I had to buy some for my husband for later. By the way, the food at the deli is very affordable, especially their baked goods.
After the lunch I spent the rest of the afternoon at Adrienne's house chitchating over a cup of Teeccino coffee and a decadent Carob cake (with vanilla icing) from Sevananda. The cake was sooooo good! I will have to buy more next time I am there. Adrienne has two precious kitties. Her kitties are so beautiful and sweet, I was hoping that one would jump into my bag and I could take her home :-)
When I got home I made vegan chili with fire-roasted tomatoes for dinner which was a great success because my husband asked for seconds and thirds :-)

Here is just a fraction of Sevananda's vegan options from their deli and a hot bar

Vegan cupcakes for $1 a piece? That's a pretty good deal!

Potato salad

Pie heaven :-)

This is the Carob cake that I bought

This was my Mac & Cheese

And the crabcakes

Next time I am getting this vegan Cinnamon Roll

Hot bar with a theme: Thai Monday

Rainy Atlanta

And more crabcakes at home :-)


  1. Fantastic post! I love living a mile from Sevananda. And I love hanging out with YOU!

  2. Ah, MARTA provided you with a very good picture!

  3. Wow $1 per cupcake, that's great! I'd definitely have gone for the mac 'n' cheese & crab cakes too.

  4. I love that you got to have lunch with Elena and Adrienne! And the vegan cake selection looks great

  5. I want those cupcakes! You are so lucky you are in a place with all those vegan goodies. But then again, I'd probably spend too much money if I had them, hahaha!!