Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My vegan finds

I am introducing a new blog post that I would like to do on regular basis. "My Vegan Finds" will be a new "blog article" where I will share my favorite vegan products, top pantry and beauty picks, fitness stuff, awesome kitchen tools, new vegan products, and everything in between that I think is worth sharing. Any suggestions and recommendations from you are welcomed! 

My friends at Go Max Go company rock! Not only do they make the best vegan chocolate candy bars on the entire planet, but they actively support and help numerous animal sanctuaries, dog rescues and other amazing causes. 
Do you miss your childhood favorite candy bars from your pre-vegan days? Well, now you can have them back, only vegan, cruelty-free and better tasting! Go Max Go Jokers is kind of like Snickers, Twilight is like Mars , Buccaneer is like 3 Musketeers (or Bounty with added almonds), Snap! is like Chocolate Rice Krispies, and Cleo's are like Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. 

I love them all! They are all very different and amazing when it comes to textures and flavor combinations, but my ultimate favorite is the Twilight. I have been buying Go Max Go bars for years and I still have not got tired of them. The only thing is that since I have been on a diet now and watch my calories I can only indulge on these delightful candy bars on special occasions (for now) since the calories range between 230 an 280 per bar. Sometimes, I cut them in half and eat one half, and save the other half for the next day (which is hard since I am very tempted to eat the whole thing all at once). I usually buy these bars at Whole Foods, but you can probably find them in most natural foods markets nowadays. 

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Shelly loves treats! I usually stuff her rubber squirrel toy with peanut butter, frozen soy yogurt and peanut butter, fresh or frozen fruits or veggies, or dog biscuits. We found new doggie biscuits that are VEGAN! Yay! Max & Ruffy's have been baking dog treats since 2009. Their dog biscuits are organic, vegan, eco-friendly, homemade, and made with human-grade, non-GMO ingredients. They have two sizes of treats, tiny aka "mini bites" (perfect for training or small dogs), and original biscuits for medium and big dogs. 

They have some interesting and healthy options. I give Shelly the wheat-free treats since she has allergies, but I gave the W.P. Pizza and Molasses Explosion to my friend's Jack Russell dog who is extremely picky and he gobbled it up within seconds! I actually tasted the pizza treat myself (I know I am weird LOL) and the aroma and taste was very pizza-like. The Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch aroma reminds me of pumpkin pie. 

I like that Max & Ruffy's use superfoods (such as kelp, quinoa, alfalfa, blueberries, etc) in their treats and that they don't use chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or other junk. 

Molasses Explosion 1919 

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Blackstrap Molasses, Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

(all ingredients are certified organic)

Five-Star Blueberry (Grain Free)

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Blueberries, Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Ginger
(all ingredients are certified organic)

Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa ( Grain Free)

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sun-Cured Ground Alfalfa
(all ingredients are certified organic)

The Kelp Highway: Butternut Squash & Kelp (Grain Free)

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Butternut Squash, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Dried Kelp, Organic Parsley
(all ingredients are certified organic)

Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch (Wheat Free & Gluten Free)

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Quinoa Flour, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Cloves
(all ingredients are certified organic)

W.P. Pizza

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Parsley, Organic Oregano, Organic Garlic
(all ingredients are certified organic)

By the way, have you seen my guest-post about vegan dogs on Happy Herbivore's website

If you have a vegan dog at home, or dog with allergies, you have to try these treats. Shelly gives Max & Ruffy's treats all paws up! 

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  Shelly loves her treats! 

Since I have started running and exercising daily I have been sweating almost daily. My hair feel like it needs to be washed everyday now, but I don't always have time for washing my hair (it takes forever since my hair is long and I use a shampoo and then conditioner, not to mention the time it takes to dry my hair).... I though that dry shampoo might be something that would do the job in between hair washing. I was lucky and received a sample of a vegan dry shampoo from Moody Sisters (Organic Skincare) company. They have the cutest logo (a black kitty)! 
This Travel Lemon Dry Shampoo is a very interesting product. It is a powder that comes with a cute powder puff applicator. The powder has a nice lemony scent. The directions are easy: 
Tap excess powder from the applicator into the lid of the tin. Apply small amounts as needed to your hair with powder puff and massage into your scalp with towel to absorb oil. Brush out hair. 

When I tried the dry shampoo for the first time I used too much which resulted in a big mess in my bathroom.... Lesson learned. My hair felt beautiful, almost velvety after, and I got a big volume as a bonus. And the light lemon scent was a nice touch as well. But since my hair is not naturally oily I felt that my scalp became a bit dry. This would be a great product for people with oily scalp/hair, and people with fine hair. I wish I had this dry shampoo when I used to go hiking and camping in Europe, because it does not need water and it is light and small so you can tuck it in any backpack. 

Moody Sisters make 100% organic skin care (everything from lotions, scrubs, fragrance perfume sprays, lip balms, deodorants, to eye cream). They make everything in their home kitchen in Cashmere, WA. They are looking for product sales reps. Check out their add: 

Product Sales Rep
Moody Sisters Organic Skincare is a hip, organic and vegan skincare company based out of Washington state seeking a dynamic, motivated sales representative. The ideal candidate would consist of someone who possesses a passion for organic handmade skincare. You would be responsible for calling related businesses to introduce our line and sell the product wholesale. We offer commission based off of sales and reorders. We are looking for a confident,professional, and self-motivated individual to help us expand our in-store presence. Please email us with your information and/or resume.
Duties and Qualifications:
- Persistence
- Perform regular follow ups
- Willing to cold call or meet in person with businesses
-Closing sales
- Dependable transportation and willingness to travel
- Internet access
- Sales experience
- Strong work ethic
- Discipline, organization and the ability to work independently
- Basic computer knowledge
- Excellent Communication with strong presentation skills

You can view our line at www.etsy.com/shop/moodysisters

We are only allowing one sales rep per region so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible with the list of cities you would be traveling to.

You don't have to have sales experience, although it is helpful, we will be offering training skype sessions with our sales reps to answer questions and help set goals etc.

There will be a contract and we are looking for committed individuals for 1 year, but do also remember that you will be earning a competitive commission rate on all your sales! You have sales aids, brochures etc. and we make sure you understand our line and feel confident in what you're selling. 

The selling possibilities are very large, especially if you live in a larger town. Moody Sisters is popular in organic and green stores, gift shops, health food stores, massage studios and hair salons.

Save 20% off your order if you use coupon code: Referral (you can mention my name Elisabeth-Czech Vegan when checking out) 

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  1. Thank you for this! I had never heard of Go Max Go, I look forward to trying them...especially the Pumpkin Patch MMMM! sounds good!

    1. The Pumpkin treats are for doggies LOL The Go Max Go candy bars are for people :-)

  2. Mmmmm, I love those vegan chocolate bars. And I have never heard of Moody Sisters, will have to check them out.

  3. I love themes! Good luck with this one. Maybe I will take a page from your book and do it too! :) I think you could have broken this post up into three, but you know as well as I do how fun it is to pack posts with info. :) :) :)

    1. I usually do one post for each company and I might have to stick with that but it is fun to mix and mach different things sometimes :-)

  4. Yay for more vegan dog treats! It's hard to find wheat free treats. My mother-in-law bought some dog treats that contained partially hydrogenated oil! Can you believe that? I will be ordering some of these for sure.
    Regarding vegan dog food, when our dog Ace got sick I was only able to get him to start eating by making him food, rice/quinoa, lentils/beans/peas/green beans/tofu, greens(he loves kale)pulp from my green juice(he loves this stuff too)yams, etc. then I would add oil and nutritional yeast for extra measure. He used to have anal gland issues and he hasn't had any problems in the last 3 months. I have to think it's his food. He is back on kibble but I add lots of green veggies and he gets to drink some of my green juice too.

    Thanks for sharing that dry shampoo it sounds like it would be great for travel.

    1. Lucky Ace to have such a wonderful home! That is amazing that you give him all this great whole food! I posted something about fruits and veggies for dogs here www.czechvegan.blogspot.com/2011/10/best-fruits-and-veggies-for-your-dog.html

      And I just posted a recipe for frozen doggie treats :-) Enjoy!