Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beanfields Crispylicious Bean & Rice Chips Review

I received an email from the Beanfields company asking if I would like to try some unique tortilla chips. Bean & Rice tortilla chips to be exact. Well, I was intrigued but I did not know what to expect since I was only familiar with corn based tortilla chips until this review. 
It was love at first bite! These chips are absolutely FASCINATING and REVOLUTIONARY! Not only do they taste better than any tortilla chips I have ever had, but they are also:
-Corn Free
-Gluten Free
- Non GMO Verified
They have 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of complete protein in every 1 oz. serving which is twice as much as most corn tortilla chips. Plus, beans and rice are so much better for you than corn. 

These chips are also allergy friendly because they don't contain anything from the FDA's list of eight foods that trigger about 90% of all food allergies. 
Beanfields Nacho Chips are the vegan answer to Doritos, only better and without the cheese and corn. The Nacho Chips even won "Best of Show" at 2012 Natural Products Expo West by VegNews magazine. 

Beanfields is a family owned, values-based company that is all about beans. They believe that beans are good for families, good for farmers, and good for our planet. I agree! Here are just some of the reasons:
*Beans are rich in nutrients
*Beans fix nitrogen in the soil

*Beans take less water to grow per pound than any other protein source

*Beans are low glycemic
*Beans rarely cause n allergic reaction 

Beanfields was founded in 2010 and they emphasize and value relationships with all of their stakeholders, farmers, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers. They support local nonprofits by donating their products and time, and they share profits with their stakeholders and community. What a wonderful company! I value companies that support not only animal rights but also other causes and give back to the community. 

I was able to try all five flavors and I could not get enough! The only problem for me personally was the fact that my low calorie diet restriction did not allow me to eat a big bag in one sitting which I would love to do. Thankfully they also have four of their flavors available in 1.5 oz. bags since the 6 oz. bag has too many calories for me and I cannot control myself once the bag is opened......  

Here are my thoughts. All chips were beautifully crunchy and not too thick, greasy or dry. So much better than any freshly made tortilla chips from Mexican restaurants! 

Nacho Chips 

What a brilliant way to veganize Doritos without using crazy ingredients and artificial flavors! These chips are amazingly cheesy, they have a slight hint of sweet paprika which is tangled with a lovely creaminess (almost like a sour cream blended with melted cheddar cheese). They even smell like cheddar cheese with sour cream! This flavor is definitely going to rock your world! 

Naturally Unsalted  

Those are a bit bland for me since I am used to salty chips. The benefit of having these chips in the purest form (black beans, navy beans, long grain rice, high oleic safflower or sunflower oil) is the fact that you can taste the unique bean flavor, plus you can add them to already salty dishes (I added mine to black bean soup) without oversalting your meal. And people with high blood pressure can enjoy these healthy and delicious chips, too. 

Sea Salt & Pepper 

Close your eyes and imagine the aroma and taste of freshly ground black pepper. Warm and spicy, yet so different from chili pepper or spicy paprika. It doesn't happen often that a salty snack is based purely on black pepper as the main flavoring since black pepper usually accompanies other spices and flavors. These chips are a salty bliss with a peppery bite. My taste buds appreciated all the warmness of the black pepper. 

Pico De Gallo 

The aroma of these chips reminds me of a Mexican restaurant. They taste exactly as one would imagine it would be. 
They did not disappoint me in any way.  So many different flavors mingled all together (smoky, salty, not too spicy). Cilantro, tomato, bell pepper and other veggies are blended with spices to create a delightful experience. I ate these by themselves and as a topping for my enchiladas. 

Sea Salt

Very pleasant bean flavor with the perfect amount of salt. Plain and simple, yet flavorful and fun. So forget old, boring, deep fried and unhealthy potato chips and reach for these! 

Enchiladas with crumbled Pico De Gallo chips 

Black Bean Soup with Naturally Unsalted chips 

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  1. Hello. I saw that you posted right after I followed your blog. I am in Woodstock, GA not far from Atlanta and have decided to become vegan. There are so many things to learn.

    1. That is cool! We have monthly vegan meet ups in Atlanta, you must join us soon.

      Thanks for following! Let me know if I can help you on your vegan journey!

  2. Martina- mam-super a to neobnsahuje žádné ochucovadla? a i v evropě se prodávají?

    1. Ma to prirodni prichute a jeste je asi v Evrope nemaji, ale jsou delane z fazoli a ryze jako zaklad :-)

  3. What a fab review - I can't wait to get my hands on some of these :) NOM!

  4. Those look so good!! Not sure I've seen them in any stores, but I will keep an eye out.