Friday, July 13, 2012

Go Raw Review

When I opened a package from Go Raw company a few weeks ago, I felt like a kid opening Christmas presents. Edible presents wrapped in beautiful, colorful packages. I have been eating a lot of raw foods lately and I became bored with my usual snacks so this was a welcome change that my body and taste buds enjoyed. But since I have been counting calories I had to ration my raw goodies to ensure that I would not eat them all in one day and gain back all the weight that have I lost so far (I have lost over 13 pounds since the end of April) :-) 
Go Raw believes that gentle drying process under 105 F, and sprouting seeds releases enzymes which make them healthier and easier to digest. Sprouted seeds are among the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Go Raw finds the best, local when available seeds which they carefully test and inspect before soaking them in filtered water. Then they rinse them, clean them and sprout them for up to four hours. They make raw, GMO-free, organic, gluten free, hand made snacks (cookies, granola, bars, chips and chocolate). Go Raw is a family owned company that operates from all raw kitchen. 

These are the products along with my honest opinion about them. I shared many of these with my husband and my friends, while I kept some just for myself........

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

These salty, slightly nutty seeds represent simplicity at its best. They almost melt in my mouth and leave a nice, salty, cheesy and nutty aftertaste. I eat them straight out of the bag. I also used them in my raw pesto instead of cheese and pine nuts. They blended nicely into the pesto and gave it a wonderful touch. Stay tuned for my raw pesto recipe. 

Organic Granola

I did not believe that you could make raw granola without oats or other grains, and bunch of sugar. Go Raw showed me that it was possible. They use sprouted buckwheat groats that get their sweetness from dates and raisins rather than from honey or agave nectar. I often had the granola for breakfast. I added it to a bowl of almond milk, plain unsweetened soy yogurt, or bowl of raw berries. This granola is crunchy, sweet and filling.  


These bars are a unique take on granola bars. They are very firm, chewy and you can see all the beautiful seeds in them (unlike other bars that ground everything together so you cannot see what you are eating). My absolute favorite bar was the Real Live Flax Bar with a distinctive apricot flavor and a good amount of sweetness. I adore apricots! The flax seed gave it a nice nutty touch without being overpowering. And it was only 50 calories for the small bar :-) 
I also enjoyed the Spirulina Energy Bar very much. Strong banana flavor with silky coconut notes, sweet dates and sesame seeds. Spirulina is very healthy and in a combination with the rest of the ingredients I felt as if I was eating a multi-vitamin in a yummy form. 
The Live Granola Bar was very similar to the Organic Granola, except it was in one piece and it had sunflower seeds and sesame seeds instead of raisins. 
The Banana Flax Bar had a very strong banana taste with nutty flax seed notes that I found a bit overpowering. 
The Live Pumpkin Bar was sweet and salty and it looked beautiful! 
These bars served as my post-run snack, my lunch and my late afternoon fuel. They were no mess, no fuss bars that did not melt or crumble in the 100 and plus heat in Atlanta outside.


The cookies were the most fun and delicious part of my review! I could not get enough of these and I had to ask my husband to hide them from me because I would grab handfuls and it added extra calories to my days....... 

When I tried my first bite of the Lemon Super Cookies I said "Wow" out loud. They are outstanding! They taste like freshly baked lemon cookies, except they are thinner and crunchier. The lemon oil gives them a stunning lemon flavor that is accompanied by a mellow and creamy coconut. 

The Ginger Snaps Cookies taste EXACTLY like ginger snaps, no kidding! But they are so much better for you! The strong, pungent ginger is surrounded by creamy, caramel-like flavors.  

The Spirulina Super Chips are basically a round version of the Spirulina Energy Bar. Green, heathy cookies with a banana and coconut flavor. 

The Chocolate Super Cookies are awesome! Coconut and chocolate duet with a slight hint of smokiness. 

The Original Super Cookies are a pure bliss. Coconut and sesame seeds sweetened with dates. Yummy!

The Masala Chai Cookies are very decadent and exotic, with a light spiciness. Imagine if chai tea would turn into a cookie :-) This is a lovely cookie with a hot cup of almond milk. 

The Carrot Cake Cookies are lightly spiced carrots and coconut with a festive nutmeg and sweet dates. "Eat your veggies" has never tasted so good! I can see and taste the carrots in this so clearly, it is amazing how the taste resembles fresh raw carrots. 

I found Go Raw products at Whole Foods so I already bought more cookies :-) 

I was looking forward to the Pizza Flax Snax that smelled just like a pizza (due to a nice blend of tomato and Italian spices). I could taste oregano, basil, garlic and tomato in this salty snack, but sadly I tasted licorice in this too and that was a deal breaker for me. I am not a big fan of licorice and it was a bit too strong for me. If it did not have the licorice taste, these salty chips would surely become my favorite. 

The Spicy Flax Snax are cheese, salty, and slightly spicy chips. Jalapeño, cilantro and lime juice give it a great twist. 

                      My raw breakfast "Cookies and bananas" 


Awesome looking Pizza Flax Snax and Spicy Flax Snax

Isn't the bar beautiful? 

This raw chocolate screams "unwrap me!!" With only 32 calories a  piece, this rich, thick chocolate rocks! Only 2 ingredients: raw organic cacao and raw organic agave nectar masterfully blended together to create a delightful, sweet treat. 

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  1. Would you believe I've never tried any of this company's products? You hit the jackpot with this array! Everything looks and sounds awesome.

    1. I still have some leftovers hidden in the fridge for next week. I got very lucky that I found this company because it keeps me motivated to stay on my healthy path :-) I am not 100% raw only, but with Go RAW I can easily sneak in more raw nutrients in delicious way :) And I can have cookies :-) I don't have a food dehydrator at home so I cannot make raw crunchy cookies myself, just brownies (BTW, your raw brownies recipe is to die for!)

  2. Rock on - you totally did hit the jackpot. Everything looks delicious. I will be on the look-out for these treats around town.

    1. I hope you can find them :-) They sell them online, too.

  3. YUM! These look delicious! WHat a stash.

  4. Wow is that a big package! The chocolate looks deelish :)

  5. Wish I had a package like that on MY doorstep :) I've only tried one or two items, as they are quite expensive. But tasty, nonetheless. Wish I could try more!!