Monday, January 9, 2012

RAW Pasta with Pumpkin seed Parmesan and Quinoa Tacos

Last night I made my very first raw pasta. The pasta was made out of raw zucchini that was peeled into thick strips using a potato peeler. The toppings were raw marinated mushrooms, tomatoes and raw pumpkin seed Parmesan cheese. The recipes were from Raw Food (A complete guide to every meal of the day) cookbook. The pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes was very good, and the pumpkin seed Parmesan was addictive! I ate most of the pumpkin seed Parmesan with a spoon, I could not stop..........
The only complain that I have is that the dish was not filling at all. I felt as if I ate a small bowl of salad and I was still hungry afterwords. Maybe the problem was that I did not have the sunflower sprouts that the recipe called for. If I added those, maybe my stomach would feel fuller.

Tonight's dinner was great! Quinoa tacos :-) Quinoa, shredded raw zucchini (leftover middle parts from last night's recipe), chopped sun-dried tomatoes, raw spinach and seasonings. And that was scooped into big lettuce leaves which made it look like green tacos :-)
Healthy, filling and delicious.


  1. That looks delicious - I had no idea that pumpkin seeds could be made into a "parmeasan!"

  2. I am going to have to look into making a pumpkin seed "parmeasan" because that just sounds delicious.

  3. I came across this recipe while poking around the site. We'd never even heard of Quinoa before. I went out, picked some up and made this for lunch. Absolutely amazing - can't wait to make it for my mother-in-law.

  4. I've copied your recipe and it turned out great. The whole family loved it.