Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegan Spread (Pate) contest

One of the most common things that Czech people put on their bread is a liver or meat pate (yuck!). I was thrilled to find several vegan pate versions on my recent trip to Czech Republic. I bought a variety of vegan pates and took them back to USA. I was ready to argue with the US Customs and Border Protection officers because I was afraid that they would not let me take them since the tubes said vegetarian pate. Many people still believe that vegetarian diet includes fish and chicken. You cannot bring any meat to USA from other countries when you fly here. They asked me what food items did I bring and I had to explain to them that all the items were vegan and therefore didn't contain any meat or animal products. They were really nice and let me go at the end.
I decided to give one of these vegan pates to a winner of this contest.

For this contest I wanted to do something that will require a little bit of research from you, unless you already know all the answers which would be impressive. In order to win this contest, you have to be a FOLLOWER of my blog and correctly answer all these questions. Before you leave a comment make sure you are a follower or click on the "follow" button on the side. The contest ends next Monday evening. I will pick a random post (with correct answers) and one random commenter-follower will win this yummy organic vegan pate (sandwich spread). This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Just leave a comment bellow with answers to these questions and also mention what is your name as a follower.

1. List all countries that are on the border of Czech Republic
2. Name a famous vegetarian writer that was born in Prague
4. Name one Czech city (other then Prague)
5. What is a traditional Czech Christmas dinner that you can easily veganize? (You can find the answer on my blog-November)
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injury, illness, damage or unhappiness to persons or property resulting from participation of my giveaway, or product consumption or product preparation.


  1. 1. Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria
    2. Kafka!
    3. Ostrava
    4. chik'n filets and potato salad

    PS-- I didn't know that was your recipe! Congrats to you! :)

  2. 1.Germany, Austria, Poland & Solvakia.
    2.Martina Navratilova.
    4.Fried carp, fried chicken, or fried schnitzel and potato salad.

    The recipe looks delicious, I will have to have it for dinner one night this week :) One of my favorite pregan spreads was pate even though I was never a big fan of liver, yuck.

  3. 1. Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
    2. Kafka
    3. Pisek
    4. fried carp, fried chicken, or fried schnitzel and potato salad. I remember seeing that in your blog at the beginning of the month! Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  4. 1. Germany,Austria,Poland,Slovakia
    2. Kafka. I actually looked and this was the only veg I could find.
    3. Kutna Hora Location of the Bone Church. Neat.
    4. This one is probably wrong: "Seitan Piccata with white wine and caper sauce"
    Cheers, Good luck, everyone :)

  5. 1. Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
    2. Kafka (whom I didn't know was veg until I looked it up - cool!)
    (By the way, what happened to #3? *laugh*)
    4. Blatna ("A town of roses" - sounds so pretty!)
    5. Fried Carp, Fried Chicken, or Fried Schnitzel and Potato Salad.

  6. 1) Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
    2) Kafka, everyone had this, i googled as well
    3) ???
    4) Kolin (we have a customer there TPCA)
    5) Carp and Potatoes, not the ideal to veganize, though I have had a lovely bean curd "fish" from the Loving Hut, so who knows??