Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cosmo's aka Vegan Utopia store, and my Tempeh and wild rice dinner

I was craving some exotic rice today so I made a wild rice blend with tempeh steaks and mushroom gravy.
Few days ago I went to a book signing (Carol J. Adams-The Sexual Politics of Meat) that was held at a really nice vegan store
Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe in Marietta. The store is awesome, they sell only 100% vegan products (everything from vegan shoes, vegan chocolate,

vegan shrimp, vegan marshmallows to cookbooks). They have a retail store, but most of their business is done online. I have never been to their actual store before. However, I have bought stuff online from them. As soon as I walked in the store, I felt as if I

just landed in vegan Utopia. Everything was vegan! It felt great not to have to read a single label and scan for animal products and hidden animal ingredients. Even when I shop at Whole Foods or other store where they offer vegan products, they usually have their natural section mixed with non-vegan products and sometimes even non-vegetarian so I have two options, read every word on the label (if there isn't a sticker with the word VEGAN on), or buy products that I already know. At Cosmo's I didn't have to worry about this and didn't get disappointed if I liked something based on the package, but then found out that it contained a whey or some other animal ingredients.

I like supporting vegan owned and operated stores and companies.


he owner Leigh made a delicious chili for the book signing. It was made with several different beans, unlike my boring chili that I make with kidney beans (and if I am feeling creative I add some lentils).

After the book signing

I bought Tofurky Sausage and Cheese Pizza, black salt (which tastes and smells like hard-boiled eggs, I cannot wait to try it on tofu scramble), white chocolate chips, Veg News magazine, cute pins and Crazy Rumors bubblegum lip balm. One of the things that I adored were really beautiful handmade ceramic mugs and bowls with the word VEGAN engraved on. They were made

made by artist Jeanette Zeis of Vegan Dish. I like that she uses such pretty pastel colors for glazing. When I have some extra cash, I am going to buy one of her adorable mugs. Here is a picture of the green mug that I like the most.

I used to make my own ceramic and I might start again, the only problem is that I don't have the super expensive oven (and never will) and I don't want to be running around the city looking for an oven to rent and then making sure that my stuff does not get broken or stolen in public art schools. Here is a picture of a mug that I made several years ago. I didn't use a wheel (I have never used a wheel for ceramics), it was made just by my hands. I wanted to create an irregular shape with 3D effects. Unfortunately I didn't use enough glaze for the bottom and it leaks when you put hot water in the mug. I use it for pens now.

Do you have any cool stores like this near by your home?


  1. I live in the same town as Food Fight, so that makes me super happy. I'd love to visit Cosmo's. And I especially like the middle mug. Cute!

  2. I have coveted that mug ever since I first saw it on Etsy. And the plates and the bowls.

  3. Super cute mug! Alas, no cool vegan stores around here. And I've never had tempeh either! This must change.

  4. I love Jeanette's stuff.
    We have some good restaurants here but no vegan stores. I've been to Food Fight out in Portland though. Perhaps I need to make a trip down to Atlanta.

  5. I love Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe! I've only ever ordered online, but they are super nice.

  6. Thanks for coming to the book signing, Elisabeth! So glad you like our little shoppe :)

  7. Hi Elisabeth! Isn't Cosmo's the best? And Leigh and Ken are just great folks.
    Thanks for the shout-out. I love making VeganDish and appreciate the mention!