Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quick dinner and a giveaway prize

I was quite lucky and won one of the daily giveaways from Miso for Breakfast blog. The prize was a coupon for one FREE Tofutti product (limited by max $3.99 value). I ended up using it for a box of frozen "Cuties". I haven't had those in a long time so I was happy to get them again.
I also bought my Thanksgiving Tofurky that was on sale at Whole Foods. I didn't buy the whole feast this year since I am on a budget and I didn't care that much about the chocolate cake that came in the feast box.

My sweet prize

I whipped up a quick dinner tonight. Nothing special, red beet & onion salad, BBQ seitan strips and potatoes with bell pepper. The simple dinner didn't turn out so great though. The potatoes were undercooked and the bell peppers were overcooked......What a mess! At least the BBQ seitan and the salad were good.


  1. didnt care about chocolate cake?!?!?!?! whaaaaah?!?!?!!? :(

  2. Vic, last time I bought Amy's chocolate cake, I didn't like it. maybe it was because it was gluten-free. Amy's chocolate cake is what was in the Tofurky Feast....I will make my own pumpkin, cranberry and walnut cake.