Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A package from my Croatian friend

I have been exchanging tea and chocolate with my Croatian friend Enola for over a year now. I love having friends and family all over the world. And I love sending and receiving surprise packages full of vegan goodies and tea. Yesterday I received a package from Enola full of sweet surprises. She sent me vegan Nutella, baked apple flavored fruit tea, jelly pralines with cherries and chocolate, orange marzipan chocolate eggs, vanilla blueberry tea, Apple & Cinnamon tea, vanilla & chocolate pudding, Orange & Rum tea, dark chocolate with lavender, nougat wafers, hazelnut almond nougat candy, and Rum chocolate candy bars.

Do you have any international or out of state pen pal with whom you exchange packages with?


  1. COOL! Sounds like tons of fun!

  2. LOL!!!!I recognise so many of these products because I eat them often :)
    Greetings from Croatia!!!!!

  3. Dear mrs,
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