Sunday, April 1, 2012

FungusAmongUs aka Mushroom heaven (review)

Few weeks ago FungusAmongUs company contacted me with a question if I liked mushrooms. Do I like mushrooms? I love mushrooms! My family used to go into woods on weekends and pick up fresh mushrooms, mostly porcini mushrooms. It was fun finding the mushrooms, cleaning them and then bring them home in big baskets. We ate most of the mushrooms scrambled with onions and eggs, with a side of freshly baked bread. Then we dried the rest or pickled them for later.
I was very happy to get a package from FungusAmonUs that contained their Italian Truffle Salt, Mediterranean Blend Organic Melange Seasoning, Moroccan Porcini & Green Lentil Soup and organic dried Porcini mushrooms.
If you like mushrooms and mushroom flavored condiments and goodies, FungusAmongUs is the right company of you. They offer dried mushrooms (everything from Porcini to Chanterelle), Italian truffle products (truffle salt, balsamic vinaigrette with white truffle, truffle mustard, and other truffle goodies), Porcini salt, Porcini infused oil, organic dried soup mixes, organic melange seasoning and rubs, and fresh mushrooms.

The Italian Truffle Salt is out of this world! I have a truffle oil, but that cannot be nearly compared with this salt. This naturally dried sea salt from the Mediterranean is combined with 6% finely ground truffle mushrooms. The aroma and flavor of this salt is beautiful. It is very strong and I noticed that a little goes a long way. Even when I have the salt closed in a glass jar, I can smell the lovely aroma in the pantry. I have to keep the jar inside a plastic container with a tight lid. I love the fact that FungusAmongUs uses real, good quality truffle, instead of just artificial flavoring. Having this truffle salt makes me feel very fancy :-) I have used it in soups, on top of mushroom pizza, and as a dipping salt for boiled edamame. I love it!

The Mediterranean Blend Organic Melange Seasoning is great! The aroma is very herbal and mushroomy. This seasoning is a blend of Porcini Mushrooms, Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary, Basil, and Sage.
It adds a lovely flavor to foods and I have used it numerous times in soups, stews and even as a tofu rub. I pressed the tofu, sliced it and soaked it in a little bit of soy sauce and an olive oil, then I rubbed the Mediterranean Blend Organic Melange Seasoning onto each tofu slice and let the flavors blend for an hour in the fridge. I fried the tofu and had some in sandwiched and some as a topping for the Moroccan Porcini & Green Lentil Soup. Look how beautiful it looks!

The Moroccan Porcini & Green Lentil Soup was pretty good. It was super easy to make and the aromas were exotic and nice. It was not spicy, but it had a lot of flavor, including cinnamon which gave it a special touch. I topped the soup with fried tofu that was flavored with The Mediterranean Blend Organic Melange Seasoning.

The Dried Organic Porcini mushrooms were just like I remembered dried mushrooms from Czech Republic. I made a soup with them and a recipe bellow.

Porcini Seitan Cutlets recipe

I made Truffle kissed bean soup recipe using The Mediterranean Blend Organic Melange Seasoning and Italian Truffle salt.

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  1. Oh yum - that salt sounds right up my alley! Thanks for the in-depth review, now I want some mushrooms. :)

  2. I can bring you some truffle salt to the next vegan drinks :-)

  3. What a fun tasting opportunity! I once took a cooking class where we used Truffle Salt in a mushroom risotto. The instructor had us taste the risotto before and after adding the truffle salt and there was a HUGE difference. Truffle Salt is definitely incredible!

  4. Mushrooms! I can go a whole week, or even a whole month, eating mushroom dishes, that’s how much I love mushrooms! I always feel great after every time I get the chance to eat mushroom dishes. I don’t usually eat much, but when it comes to mushrooms, I just can’t find enough strength to stop myself from eating.

    -Mack Shepperson