Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kitty Birthday party

Our sweet kitties celebrated their 4th birthday today. Abbey and Bear are twins and we are so lucky to have these beautiful, fun kitties as a part of our family. You can read a story about how we got them because of Halloween here.

I made them a miniature birthday cake from canned mackerel, grain-free cat treats and grain-free cat kibble. The peas was just for a decoration because they did not even touch it. (Shelly ate the peas later). For those of you wondering why my cats are not vegan, please, read my post about the vegan cat dilemma.

Bear checking out his cake

Curious Abbey checking out the cake

Let's dig in!


Cake and presents :-) Nobody had any interest in the grasshopper toy but the dragonfly on a stick entertained them for a while.

Shelly joining the party and enjoying a piece of this awfully smelling cake

Still eating......

Bear doing what he does the best with toys......chewing on the string......

Abbey checking out her new toy

Bear trying to play with the string again. He lost interest shorty afterwords and wanted to play with a plastic straw instead....... Typical cat! No store bought toys can replace the free toys made out of paper, plastic straw, or a plastic bottle cap.
Do you cats like the "free" toys better than store bought? Do you celebrate your cats birthdays?


  1. to je klasne..mama

  2. Happy birthday cute kitties, when I had my cat we would get her a special grain free wet free and new toys.

  3. Happy birthday kitties!
    Sounds like a great day :)

  4. How adorable - I am sure your kitties had a wonderful time :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. So fun! My mom used to do this for our pets too when I was a kid :-)

  6. I saw your post on Happy Herbivore and had to come check you out! :) I fell in love immediately when I saw you have two black cats!!! I have two black cats with big gold eyes and they are my babies. Phoebe and Nala, two sisters I rescued from the humane society that were abandoned by their mother. (And no I do not feed them a vegan diet. I think they would hate me! Good post on that btw.) Love, love LOVE your pics!!

    1. Thank you :-) I just saw your Phoebe and she is so beautiful! I posted a while ago about how I got Abbey and Bear aka The Halloween Cats