Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vegan Goodies

Today I received a box with vegan goodies that I ordered from Vegan Essentials. I had a code for a free shipping. The code is in the newest issue of the Veg News magazine. It is good until December 15 so I might order some other stuff before the code expires.
I cannot wait to try the new Nacho Mom's queso that everyone is raving about.
I got a cool magnet with pictures of a dog, cow, pig and cat. The quote on the magnet reads "Why love one and kill the other? Make the connection. Go veg for life."
I got my favorite vegan donuts from Nutrilicious company. I love their donuts and donut holes. They are soft, moist, sweet and rich. They have a different texture and flavor than freshly baked non-vegan donuts. The yogurt glazed and the apple spice glazed are the best. I haven't tried all flavors, but so far I like these the best.
I also bought my favorite "cheddar" crackers from Eco-Planet company. I love this cheesy stuff. The crackers are shaped like sun to represent solar energy, pinwheels to represent wind energy, planet Earth, and like hybrid "green" cars.
I got an assortment of chocolate and candy, lip balm, and raw kale chips.
So far I ate few of the donuts, almost all of my delicious Sjaak's chocolate and some kale chips. I tried the Whizzers chocolate footballs for the first time today. I assumed that British chocolate would be great, but I was wrong. This reminded me of a dry cocoa powder flavored chalk. I love chocolate, but this I could not even swallow. I am very disappointed with this chocolate. It didn't even melt in my mouth and I had a hard time chewing it. On the other hand, the Whizzers chocolate beans were delicious. They were almost like M&M's. They had crunchy shell and yummy chocolate filling.
I have mixed feelings about the kale chips. The "leaves" are good, but I found a lot of hard, long and dry sticks in the bag (I believe that they were the tough stems). When I make my kale chips in the oven, I remove the tough stems before baking. I am little upset that I paid $2.89 for 1 oz bag that had so many hard, tough inedible kale stems. Thankfully my dog enjoyed the stems :-)


  1. I have heard good things about the nacho mom queso.

  2. Vic, They sell Jokerz at my local Whole Foods so thankfully I don't have to order them. Have you tried them yet? Or the Twilight?

  3. I was super excited when I saw the kale chips and automatically bought 3 flavours. And they were all broken up and stems too. I was peeved, and they didn't taste good honestly. Back to making kale chips myself :( I have to say the eco-planet crackers are my fave!

  4. Sweet haul! It's funny; i never ate or had any desire to eat nacho sauce when I was omni, but now that Nacho Mom stuff looks miiighty intriguing to me!

  5. that is a nice delivery you got. you saw mine :) its fun to get these. never had kale chips, that is something i need to try.

  6. I really need to put in an order to Vegan Essentials again!

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