Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Simply Bar Review

After receiving a few bars from The Simply Bar company for a review, I am happy to announce that my search for a light, easy to digest, low sugar and high protein bar is over!
Most protein bars are loaded with excess sugar and calories so having a lighter option that fills me up without sugar overload and too many calories is great! I have tried four flavors of The Simply Bar and I am going to share my thoughts about my experience with these revolutionary bars.
Each bar has GMO-Free soy crisps and low glycemic brown rice syrup base. Each bar has whopping 16 grams of protein, 4 grams of filling fiber and only 3 grams of sugar. The fat is pretty low too, around 3-4 grams of fat in the bars that I tried. All of the ingredients are vegan and gluten free. Each bar has 10 ingredients or less so no super long ingredients list to study makes this bar more convenient, too. And you can pronounce all of the ingredients :-)
This bar makes an awesome post workout, gluten free, low carb, low glycemic and high protein snack. When I ate these bars after my long run, weight lifting and other workout, I felt good. The bars filled me up without being too heavy or overly sweet. They were really easy to digest and did not cause any bloating or sluggish feelings unlike some other high protein bars or high protein snacks that I tried. And knowing that I only consumed 150-160 calories I did not feel guilty about eating them after breaking a sweat. These bars are light, crispy and "airy", not dense and heavy.

Cinnamon Pecan Protein Bar
This bar smells and tastes almost like a crunchy pecan pie. It is sweet and it has very strong pecan and cinnamon flavor.

Lemon Coconut Protein Bar
This bar has a lovely lemony aroma and strong, fresh lemon taste with a pleasant hint of coconut.

Caramel Peanut Protein Bar
Yummy! I love sweet and salty combinations, and this hit the spot! Well balanced crunchy and salty peanut with sweet caramel flavor.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar
Who does not like chocolate and peanut butter combo? This classic, sweet and salty combination was very chocolatey with a nice hint of peanut butter.

This chart compares The Simply Bar with other popular protein bars. Check it out!

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  1. These look great! I often find that snack bars are just way too sweet for me and don't really fill me up at all. Lemon Coconut sounds particularly delicious!

  2. The Simply Bar was designed for digestive issues with a top Canadian gastroenterologist and a food technology center.

    The Simply Bar is also low glycemic which helps provide constant energy throughout the day.