Monday, September 17, 2012

Liz Lovely cookies review

I think that I lived under a rock until recently because I had not tried Liz Lovely vegan cookies until a few weeks ago. I am a bit embarrassed, considering that this company started in 2003........long before I became a vegan. Liz Lovely makes vegan cookies (many of which are gluten free), using only pure, 100% natural ingredients in their artisan bakery in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They don't cut corners or prioritize profits over people or the planet. They create sustainable jobs that support the American dream. They bring hope and joy to people living without dairy and eggs, and even people on gluten-free diet. They promote cruelty-free food by being a certified vegan bakery. And they use green packaging alternatives as much as possible.
If you don't have a sweet tooth, or don't like cookies in general, these will surely change your mind! My husband who normally does not eat sweets was hooked on these and I had to hide some of the cookies from him......

These beautiful vegan cookies and Mint Lovely Oh's were awaiting me after my raw food detox. My shipment arrived in a perfect condition, nothing was broken or melted despite traveling a long distance in the hot summer weather. These guys know how to pack and ship their goodies! Each baggie had 2 giant cookies and the container with Mint Lovely Oh's had 8 perfectly sized dark chocolate coated vegan sandwich cookies.

Mint Lovely Oh's
These cookies live up to their name, oh, they are lovely! These Oreo style vegan cookies are coated in a thick layer of 100% dark chocolate, without added waxes or disgusting glaze. Two chocolate sandwich cookies with a white creamy center are surrounded by dark chocolate. What a genius idea!
The thick chocolate layer is infused with cooling and refreshing peppermint oil. I ate my Mint Lovely Oh's at room temperature, and straight from the fridge. They became much firmer and crunchier after being in the fridge. I even tried one warmed up in the microwave and the chocolate layer melted nicely but the cookies stayed firm. Yummy mess on my plate :-) I can have these every day and not get tired of them! I cannot wait to order the Peanut Butter Lovely Oh's (same concept but with peanut butter filling and minus the peppermint). They also make original version Lovely Oh's without the peppermint, but I liked the minty addition to these cookies a lot.

Peanut Butter Cookie with Dark Chocolate (Gluten Free)

Ok, I have had some gluten free cookies and let me tell you, most of them tasted weird. I had to double check the package on this cookie to see if it really was gluten free because it did taste like a "normal" cookie, nothing weird about it! This cookie was a little bit more fragile compared with wheat based cookies, but it was still holding up well. Rich, sweet peanut butter cookie is brought to perfection by a dark chocolate bottom layer, and chocolate swirls on the top. Amazing!

Chocolate Moose Dragons
This decadent cookie will pleasantly surprise any cookie aficionado or a cookie snob. This beats any chocolate cookie that I have ever had! Sweet, fudgy, rich and very chocolatey cookie is sprinkled with crunchy cacao nibs to bring this cookie to a whole new level of awesomeness! What a cookie! It is so rich, a half of one cookie immediately satisfied my chocolate cravings. Not sure if you want a cookie or a big piece of chocolate? Why not having them both! I even froze one and ate it frozen which was a whole different sensation, kind of like a brownie ice cream :-)

Snicker Dudes

Lovely snickerdoodle cookie! Cinnamon and sugar combo makes everything more festive :-) This soft, buttery cookie is hand-rolled in warm, spicy cinnamon and sweet, crunchy sugar. A classic cookie made with better ingredients and cruelty-free. This cookie was especially great with hot apple tea. Mmmmmmmm

I like the fact that you can freeze Liz Lovely cookies for up to 6 month so you can stock up and save money on shipping. Speaking of money saving, if you use a promo code LOVELIZ you will get 5% off your next order on Liz Lovely website. I am certainly using that code next time!
Chocolate covered pretzels are on my list to buy soon, along with Peanut Butter Lovely Oh's and some other cookies ( Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon sounds heavenly!)

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  1. Those mint lovely oh's sound so delicious and look so delicious. I'm heading over to the website, and see what there is that looks great.

    1. I hope you had a chance to try some of their lovely treats :-)