Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kur Delights Review

Recently I was honored to become part of the Vegan Cuts team as one of their blogger product reviewer :-) Vegan Cuts is a fun place where you can find yummy vegan food, snacks and treats, pretty jewelry, cruelty free fashion, natural body care and everything in between. Free membership at Vegan Cuts brings you great deals, rewards and daily sales.

My first product that I received for a review was adorable, sweet, healthy and raw! I could not ask for more!

Kur Delights by Kur Organic Superfoods truly live up to their name! They are delightful!

I love the cute boxes that these raw treats come in! Abbey is checking out what I am so excited about :-) She is upset that the box is empty and that I did not leave any raw "candy" for her...hahahaha

Kur Delights were originally created in Denmark and because they were so popular, they found their way to USA and later to me :-) These sweet beauties are made with pure raw, organic, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan ingredients. The main ingredients are dried fruit and nuts. These treats are very sweet despite the fact that they don't have any added sugar.
They are sophisticated enough to be served at a fancy party. They would also make for an amazing alternative to truffles or box of chocolates, and they would cheer up the most bitter person :-) And this indulgence has only 60-75 calories per treat.

I shared these with my husband who normally does not like candy or sweets....... He was begging me for more Kur Delights! I wish they came in a jumbo or extra jumbo size treat, because I cannot unwrap these treats fast enough, I want more and more.


Oh, my God! I like the combination of chocolate and orange so I knew I would enjoy these little brownies before I tried them. But they have exceeded all my expectations! When I took a first bite I was in love! The dense, chewy, sweet chocolate brownie is mingled with a real orange oil. Pure bliss! No fake orange taste, just intense and pure orange flavor inside a rich chocolaty experience.

Coconut Cream

Sweet, sticky and nutty treat. Creamy and smooth with crunchy cashew chunks, and all that sprinkled with shredded coconut.

Dark Chocolate Mint

These moist, fluffy and soft chocolate treats have a refreshing peppermint kick, and fun crunchy cacao nibs topping. The flavors are perfectly balanced between rich cacao, sweet dates, crunchy deep chocolate topping, and cooling peppermint oil that leaves a very refreshing aftertaste.

If you are looking for raw, delicious, healthy and beautiful treats, these will surely become your favorites. Make sure you order extra for friends and family because they make for really pretty and delightful presents!

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