Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuffed Tomatoes with Israeli Couscous Pilaf

Yesterday I made this awesome recipe from Urban Vegan blog, TWICE :-) I loved it the first time so much that later that day I made another batch, but did not use the tomatoes for the second batch since we ate them all for lunch. It was still amazing without the tomatoes. I used less broth than it was recommended for cooking the couscous and it turned out fine. I always cook my Israeli couscous in less water (or broth), I put just enough to cover it and then some more since it usually does not expand that much. I cook it with the lid on like I would cook rice or quinoa and between the hot water and steam it cooks nicely. We ate the second batch warm. The trick was to marinated the kale prior to adding the couscous. I massaged the kale leaves with the dressing and let it sit for a while before blending it with the warm couscous. It was great warm, too.
I will be making this recipe often.


  1. Vypadá to naprosto fantasticky!!! Asi tě někdy přiletim navštívit :-DD