Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Daily Vegan Needs Your Help!

Have you heard about Your Daily vegan blog yet? It is an awesome vegan online community with vegan news, recipes, events, reviews, giveaways, health info, shopping and much more.
The wonderful girl who runs this blog needs our help. In the beginning of February her dog Ollie got very sick. After several trips to an emergency room her doggie died. That tragedy was followed by her kitty Lakini getting very sick. In one month she had to deal with a serious illness in two animals and a loss of one. Lakini is now fighting for her life, but the future does not look very bright. My heart aches for KD and her family. KD is dealing with so much right now, including a very large vet bill for over $5,500 ! She did everything she could for Ollie and is doing everything she can for Lakini. I am trying to help her raise some money to cover some of her vet bills to ease her worries. You can read more about Ollie here . KD is selling shirts to raise money for her vet bills. Please, head on over to her YDV Souvenir shop and buy a shirt (or two). Or you can donate money directly without buying a shirt here. Every bit helps, even $1 helps! If you cannot donate any money, please, donate your time and share this with your friends and on your Facebook and Twitter. Dear vegans, let's help KD and show her that the vegan community is supportive!


  1. Thank you for posting this Elisabeth! I appreciate your help getting the word out and your friendship, it means more than I can say.