Monday, August 27, 2012

Raw Detox/Cleanse week

Even though I have been eating very healthy and mostly very clean foods, I decided to do another raw cleanse, detox and juice fast last week. I did it my way and it was an interesting experience. The first days were just liquid fast, mostly juices, water and herbal tea. Then I added salads and pureed and solid fruits and veggies.
The first day I felt weak, hungry, tired, foggy and irritated. The second day I was even worse, plus I got a horrible headache. And the third day I felt great! Purity, clear mind, and great digestion.
My detox is over and I feel great! I am back to eating grains, legumes, beans, and cooked foods, but I still eat mostly raw. I feel more energetic and clean after my detox. Last week was a very nice break from counting calories. Until last week I was counting calories for the past few months and it was EXHAUSTING!
Last week my body got all the key micronutrients, phytonutrients, missing vitamins and minerals and all the chlorophyl that my body deserved and needed. Here is a peak at my raw detox week. Tons of green juices, carrot juice (Carrot, ginger and lemon were my favorite combo for that week), mixed greens topped with various salad toppings (raspberries, grapes, grapefruit, peas, shredded carrots, shredded beets, raw sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and other veggies), tons of raw fruit and veggies, banana smoothies, spinach smoothies, tropical fruit smoothies, Larabars, and lots of bananas!
Later I added cabbage soup and oil free hummus, lightly cooked veggies and finally some good grains, and more beans and legumes.

Bear eating juiced wheatgrass leftovers that I got at Arden's Garden :-)

And yes, there was a dessert, too! Raw and clean ice cream :-) Pureed frozen banana ice cream topped with mashed raspberries, only two ingredients and amazing flavor/textures :-)


  1. Zkusím takový detox na jaře. Teď jsem si dala jeden den úplně bez jídla jen s vodou a taky mi to dost pomohlo, hlavně už nemám chuť se přejídat (i když první věc, co jsem ráno po půstu udělala bylo, že jsem snědla 1 menší ananas, celý :)
    A zdravím do Ameriky :)

    1. Ahoj :-) Nemusis delat ty dzusy, jen zkus syrove ovoce a zeleninu (prevazne ale ovoce, jako banany co maji dost energie a zasyti te a dodaji vyzivu), na par dni nebo i jeden den do mesice a krasne te to vycisti a posili.

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