Monday, June 18, 2012

Shelly's 10th birthday

My dog Shelly celebrated her 10th birthday today :-) I made a little doggie cake for her out of canned food, veggies, blueberries and apple & pumpkin doggie biscuits. She loved it! Abbey, her feline "sister" wanted a piece of her cake, but Shelly did not want to share. Bear, Shelly's kitty "brother" just sat in the living room and watched Shelly eat her cake and play with her new pink toy. I took Shelly to a store earlier so she could pick out her own toy, but all she was interested was a cute puppy at the store, so I had to pick a toy for her. 

Shelly says: "Is there more cake, mommy?" 

She had so much fun playing with her new toy, I could not believe she just turned 10! 


  1. this is a wonderful post, and the photos are great.thanks for making my day!

  2. aw happy birthday to shelly! she's such a beautiful dog!!

  3. What a fun party! My mom used to make 'cakes' for our pets when I was a kid. We never thought to decorate them as beautifully as you did though!