Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SnackLets kale chips review

Forget unhealthy, fried potato chips and dive into awesome raw (rawesome) kale chips from SnackLets
SnackLets was founded by friends who believe that when it’s time to eat, it should be time to eat something good. Really good. Like eat the whole bag good. They have been mixing and crafting their own healthy snacks for years and now they would love to share them with the rest of the world. 
I love kale and I was thrilled when SnackLets sent me their raw kale chips to try. 

                                                       "Giddy up! BBQ" 
Wow! This flavor rocks! It starts of sweet (due to the dates and sun dried tomatoes) and then it gets hot and smokey, with a hint of cheese. This is a perfectly balanced combination of sweet, spicy and smokey flavors. The the right amount of heat and sweetness with a lovely smokey, cheesy touch.
I ate most of these chips straight out of the bag and sprinkled some on a baked potato and over a salad. Yummy! 

                                                     "Spicy Chili-lata"

I was absolutely blown away by the aroma and flavor of the "Spicy Chili-lata" ! The heat from dried habanero chili pepper was mellowed down by the amazing creaminess of cashew nuts and brewer's yeast. It was very cheesy, I would compare the taste to a parmesan cheese or cream cheese in a way. I ate all the larger pieces and sprinkled the leftover crumbs over my brown rice pasta for a vegan parmesan experience and extra nutrients. I could not get enough of this flavor and I will be buying it soon. 

"Double O Cheesy" 
This is a lovely cheesy flavor. It is mild and a little smokey without being spicy so I can see this as a great choice for kids and people who don't like spicy foods. Miso and tahini contribute to the delectable flavor of these kale chips.  I ate these alone and then sprinkled some over a salad. 

SnackLets is dedicated to creating healthy, whole snacks that, simply put, taste good. There’s nothing artificial, nothing fake and nothing you can’t pronounce into their treats. They put only the highest quality of ingredients in their snacks (with a whole lot of TLC) to give you the tastiest snacking moment of your day. Whether you’re rockin’ it out, or rockin’ in it, nourish your body with only the best.

A portion of their proceeds are donated to the Lets foundation; for more information, please visit www.lets.org 

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  1. I love Kale chips and love finding new flavors. It's great that this company isn't doing the "boring" traditional seasonings and is doing something a little different!

    1. I love all the ingredients and how well the flavors blend. My favorite is still the "Spicy Chili-lata"

  2. Yum - those sound delicious. I bet even my picky boyfriend would love those!