Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am crazy about tea!

Tea, tea, tea! As you can see from these pictures, I am a tea fanatic :-) This is the majority of my tea collection. As most of my readers know, I don't do well with caffeine (you can read my story here), therefore I mostly have fruit, herbal, Rooibos or decaf tea varieties.
I love buying tea, exchanging tea with friends and getting tea as presents. I prefer tea bags since they are so much easier to deal with and more portable, but any good loose tea makes me happy, too. I drink hot tea all year long. I drink my black decaf and black decaf Earl Grey tea with a splash of almond milk. I also love my Pero and Teeccino coffee alternatives.
When I lived in Prague I used to hang out in Tea Rooms and Tea shops several times a week. Unfortunately in Atlanta I had to create my own Tea Room at home because there are no tea rooms around here.
Some of my favorite tea flavors that I have in tea bags are: Teekanne "Magic Moments" (fruit tea with rum-grape and orange taste), Teekanne "Raspberry Vanilla", Teekanne "Turkish Apple" (apple and fig tea), Teekanne "Peach and Passionfruit", Pickwick "Plum, cinnamon and vanilla", Teekanne "Granny's Finest" (eldeberry, vanilla and plum), Celestial Seasoning "Roastaroma" and "True Blueberry", Teekanne "Black Currant with lemon", Teekanne "Sweet Cherry", Loyd Tea "Mulled Wine", Twinings "English Breakfast Tea" and Earl Grey-both decaffeinated.

Do you like tea? What is your favorite?


  1. I'm a tea addict too, (as you know), but I love the loose leaf over tea bags. I wish that I could come to your tea room :)

  2. Never been much for tea. I am a water and smoothie man myself. :)

  3. I love TEA!! I have been drinking decaf tea lately too because I have been sick but normally I like my caffeine in the morning.

    I don't have a favorite. I honestly love it all. P.s your tea collection is pretty much awesome.

  4. In picture #2 I see a tea bag that has Loyd tea on the top and grzanies, avarak, hriate, grog tea, & mulled wine written on the front. Is this caffine free? Where can you purchase these tea bags. A friend gave me one tea bag and I loved it. She does not know where she got it from. Can you help me?

    1. Hi, yes the tea is caffeine free. The tea is made in Poland and I bought it in Czech Republic. My grandma sent me a few bags from Czech Republic as well. You can buy the same tea (and other flavors too) on Amazon if you live in USA. Hope that helps :-)