Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiesta Tea Review

I have been exchanging tea samples with several of my Twitter friends and fellow bloggers. My vegan friend Jenn at Cookin' Vegan blog is an awesome cook who shares my passion for tea (or I would dare to say a tea addiction). We exchange tea samples and some of the ones I received from her were from Tiesta Tea company. She mentioned to me that they started their company after visiting Prague (the capitol of Czech Republic). That got me very interested in Tiesta Tea. I started following them on Twitter and recently won one of their Twitter contests. My lovely prize was a tropical rooibos tea "Beach Bum Colada".
Tiesta Tea was founded in 2010 in Illinois after a trip to Prague the previous spring. They loved the fairy-tale looking city. After visiting a Czech tea house they fell in love with fruit tea called Granny's Garden and bought a few bags to take back to the USA. They realized how important coffee and tea shops were in Europe and decided to start something very beautiful, meaningful and fun in the USA, they started Tiesta Tea company. They provide high quality custom-blended flavored teas with a purpose.
Based on the main ingredients and health benefits their teas are divided into 5 groups:
*Forever Young

All their teas are vegan :-) Their teas are beautiful and flavorful. I love that they use real pieces of fruit, seeds, veggies and herbs in their teas instead of artificial or natural flavoring.
Here are the teas that I tried. I liked all the samples that I tried.
There are many teas that are on my wish list: Peaches n' Cream, Chunky Watermelon, Fireberry and Red Rose Rooibos.
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Gojiberry Superfruit (Forever Young) is a green tea with an extra healthy gojiberries and pomegranate seeds boost. The tea is mildly grassy with luscious fruity taste and a mild astringent aftertaste. I could only have a few sips because I don't do well with caffeine, but I wished that I could have the whole cup, it was very good for a green tea.

Beach Bum Colada (Immunity) transported me back into summer with the first sip. The aroma is very tropical, almost intoxicating. I love the large pieces of banana, coconut, pineapple and orange slices. All these tropical fruits together make a lovely addition to a rooibos tea. The banana and coconut are the dominant flavors in this fun tea. The only thing that is missing is a tiny beach umbrella sticking out of my tea mug.

Kiwi-Cherry Bonanza (Immunity) is an irresistible, refreshing, herbal blend that bursts with flavor. This tea is full of kiwi and cherry flavor, with almost lemony aftertaste. Some cherry teas can taste like a cough sirup, but this tea does not have any of this weird, fake cherry flavor. This tea also has a very slight ginger kick. The pleasant sour taste is very refreshing. It makes an excellent ice tea.

Berry Pear-adise (Relaxer) is a very nice melange of pear, apple, papaya, hibiscus, raspberries and acerola. It's like a garden in a cup :-) Very sweet, berry experience! This tea also makes a great iced tea.

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  1. I agree that TiestaTea is a great tea company, and that I have a tea addiction. Our tea swaps are so much fun! I count myself lucky to have found a fellow tea-fiend in you Elisabeth :)