Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegan Mac & Cheese

I love pasta, any shape and style, and even more I love cheesy pasta, which some people would call Mac & Cheese. If you are a vegan like me, you have few options to enjoy vegan Mac & Cheese. You can buy a frozen Mac & Cheese from Amy's kitchen, you can make your own with either nutritional yeast or fake cheese, or you can make semi-homemade cheesy pasta with Edward & Sons company's organic boxed Mac & Cheese mixes.
Edward & Sons pasta dinners are very convenient, easy to prepare and delicious alternatives to non-vegan Mac & Cheese. I always keep a box or two in my pantry for the nights when I don't feel like cooking anything complicated, or when I am craving cheesy pasta in the middle of the night and don't want to make my own nutritional yeast cheese sauce. The pasta is made from semolina, whole wheat or brown rice (in their gluten free options). They have several pasta styles, and either a cheddar style or alfredo style cheesy sauces. My favorite are the cute little shells with cheddar style cheesy sauce. I like adding peas on top for extra protein, fiber and nutrients.
Each box contains dry pasta and a "cheese" mix packet. I tried mixing the "cheese" mixture with soy and almond milk, both of these milks work very well in this cheesy sauce.
What is your favorite vegan Mac & Cheese? Do you make your own?


  1. I love all the little shapes you can have to catch more cheesy sauce. I usually make my own mix, if I ever have this dish. It's also great with chopped spinach mixed in.

  2. I love my vegan mac & cheese with peas too!!!! I make my own- there are so many great recipes out there & sometimes I top if off with breadcrumbs & daiya in the oven.

  3. I have never tried them, I am not even sure of what Vegan cheese would taste like... Are they good?