Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank you for all the goodies that I won

Over the past few months I entered numerous blog contests and giveaways. I won several of them. I loved all the prizes and enjoyed them very much. This post is a big thank you to all kind bloggers who were holding the giveaways, and the companies who provided the prizes. If you have a chance, please, check out these awesome vegan blogs.

I won this really cute shirt from Sherry @ Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe blog
Sherry is not only a vegan blogger with great ideas, reviews and delicious recipes, but she is also a vegan jewelry designer. She makes a very pretty jewelry. Here is a link to her work.

I won this beautiful Kiss My Face package from Carla @ The Year of the Vegan blog

A lovely purple Lavender Mandarin "Peace Candle"
Lemongrass Clary Sage scented All-purpose "Peace Soap"
And Grassy Mint scented "Peace Hand Soap"

Carla is an amazing vegan cook from Canada. She is also a cookbook author. Her new cookbook "Quick and Easy Vegan Bake Sale" is coming out soon.

This picture is a courtesy of Carla @ The Year of the Vegan

I won a Tofutti coupon for a free product from Celyn @ Miso for Breakfast blog
I redeemed that coupon for a delicious Cuties Ice Cream.

I won tons of free food from Tanya @ Eating Kale (Cooking with T) blog in two different giveaways. Tanya is an amazing vegan cook and a very talented violist. I have heard some of her classical music and it is stunning! Here is a link to her website.

Tasty Bite prize was a yummy assortment of quick and easy Indian and Thai meals.

And Bob's Red Mill giveaway was an assortment of organic whole wheat flour, nutritional yeast, 10 grain hot cereal, and organic flaxseed.


  1. You sure got a huge haul!! Well done.

  2. What a nice post! Enjoy your goodies.

  3. Wow, very nice assortment! Lucky you. Thanks for the links!

  4. Glad you're enjoying all your goodies!!